Friday, March 29, 2013


This last Wednesday, as I was trying to find the best gift ever for James, I got stumped. So I decided to ask his grandma if she had any ideas. She told me to try going to this place called "The Square" here in town. It had all kind of stores--a TON of antique shops, cute little boutiques, and food, which included this cute little candy store called Atomic Candy that sells all kinds of old (time period, not like stale gross old candy), vintage treats. But. They also sell all these weird pranks and collectibles. I HAD to post some of them so you'd believe me.

Yes. These are REAL flavored crickets. Sour Cream & Onion, Salt & Vinegar, Bacon & Cheese. BLECH.
And those are BBQ flavored larva in the red. To taste like chicken?

Astronaut food! If you can't see it, this is a cookies and cream ice cream sandwich!
I wanted to get this for my mom. Haha
A Public Toilet Survival Kit, complete with 2 antiseptic wipes,
1 pair disposable gloves, and one toilet seat liner. Haha
Might be good for our backpacks Mom!

Anyway, they also had Denton post cards, EVERY kind of Jelly Belly jellybean you could imagine, Harry Potter candies, masks, hilarious mints, like this one, and a tower of saltwater taffy. Had it not been kind of expensive, I would be about 10 pounds heavier today. Aaand have this weird collection of nostalgic trinkets.

But definitely worth making a day trip over there for! The whole place was so fun and I wanted to take James there for his birthday, but he was working himself to the bone. Gotta love him. Maybe there's a trip in the near future?

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