Monday, May 13, 2013


My teacher, Sister Bergstrom, gave us an assignment in class to have a group date. For us married people, we didn't have to include people in the class. We just needed to have 6 people total. She also gave this idea as an example in class, but I still REALLY wanted to do it just because it had circulated around on Pinterest and I wanted to do it with all of my friends. So my goal was to be able to put together a fun night for all of us, and of course, WIN! But also to get everyone to WANT to participate! I wanted everyone to try them and feel like they weren't going to be laughed at, but with.
So I got a bunch of friends together on Sunday night (Alex, my best friend, and her husband Grant AND James's really good friend, Jacob, brought a date named Whitney!) and we had everyone bring something to munch on. We had chips & salsa, cupcakes, and garlic cheese biscuits (like the ones from Red Lobster!) Then we played a series of seven games and took lots of pictures to show them off. 
I made the score sheet and it was fun to keep score! If it was a game that was about how many you could do, then you got whatever your number was as your score. So if moved 34 M&Ms, you had a score of 34 for that game. For the games that you either finished it or not, you got a 2 if you did it and a 0 if you didn’t. Each person had one minute to complete the task and we had SO much fun watching everyone try them out! I hope you think it was as funny as we did!
This Blows was pretty easy. Each person must continually blow up a balloon and release the air from it to knock 15 cups off of a table! The blowing up was the hardest part! James did it SO fast! And did it with flair. He put the balloon under his leg AND turned around! He’s such a cutie.
M&M Race was harder (and more tiring) than it looks! Fill one plate with M&Ms and using a straw move as many M&Ms from the full plate to the empty plate. We scored this by how many M&Ms you were able to move over. Some were better than others but this was hard! We were all heaving from running out of breath by the end!
Face the Cookie was one of my favorites for sure!! It was HILARIOUS. My husband, James, tried to flip it in the air and catch it while everyone else tried to sort of walk it down our face. Only three of us were able to complete it and it was pretty hard to get it not to fall off (or you’d start over) and get it to stop at our tongues, but it was pretty hysterical. We all had a good laugh.
Bite Me was another favorite! I laughed so hard when my poor 6’3 husband had to get these TEENY bags off the ground! You take paper bags (We had 5) and cut the tops off at different heights. Without using your hands OR knees, you have to pick the bag up with your mouth and move it to the table. It took some serious yoga moves! 
Defying Gravity was pretty intense. You’d think keeping two balloons up wouldn’t be tough but it really was! Whitney was the ONLY one to do it. She must have serious reflex skills.
Noodling Around was a knockout! You need to pick up six penne noodles placed around the perimeter of a table using only a piece of uncooked spaghetti in your mouth. Everyone but poor Whitney was actually able to do it pretty quickly!
Elephant March was SO funny! We took 8 unopened water bottles and put them in two rows. Then you take a pair of tights (ours were actually almost too big! Go less that a C!), put a baseball (we used a tennis ball—MUCH harder!) in the bottom of one leg and them stick it on your head. Without using your hands, you have one minute to knock down all the bottles. Whitney was a rock star and did it SO fast! I was horrible and I only got two! It was super funny… they all were really!
It was a group date I doubt any of us will live down, but I think they will still be friends with James & I. Everyone worked well as a group and cheered everyone on and were very supportive of one another. I did give everyone medals for even marticipating and Grant won the prize: Reese's Pieces!
I think this was a really good way to bring a lot of us together and have some fun! And I think everyone did! We had food, and you know no one misses out on food, and prizes! It was only friendly compeition and everyone competed, so no one felt dumb or left out because everyone tried! I was so happy with it and it was one of the best homework assignments I've had in a long time!