Monday, March 18, 2013


I seriously can't believe I am 24 years old. I feel so young, like the I-want-dessert-before-dinner kind, but I'm married and love naps! What happened?!

Well this year was kind of passed up. I know. I am kind of a freak about holidays and birthdays, so how is that possible right? Well James & I went on the pioneer trek with the youth here in Denton. So we left super early that morning, but not before I got the annual fun birthday phone call from my family!! It made my whole morning. I love them. And then, when I went downstairs, Grandma Betty handed me a card and a little cute bag! In it was this awesome headband with a scarf attached (which saved my life on the trek) and I saved the car until we were in the car driving to Decatur because I knew that would be about it.

The trek was a lot of work, but a lot of fun at the same time! James & I slept in a trailer and then we'd go shoot video of the kids pushing the handcarts, all the activities, the games, the firesides, everything! I got caught up in it all and totally forgot it was my birthday. But once in a while, James would say something like "Here's your lunch, birthday girl!" and I was like "Oh yeah! It IS my birthday!" so he tried to keep me happy and celebrating a bit. But we were busy busy busy.
Side note: I found this link to one of the photographers who was on the trek if you wanted to get an idea. She's TALENTED.

This is sadly the only picture we got from the Trek. Everything else was on video cameras. :(
However, the night before, I was sitting up on our bed and he peeks around the corner with a smile on his face (which made me laugh kind of nervously) and he brings out this AWESOME, adorable jewelry box from behind his back. He swore I'd already seen it because I looked through his pictures, but I never had! It was so cool AND...get this...he refurbished it all by himself! Just for me! He bought it from someone and then repainted and distressed it and redid it just for me, exactly how I would've wanted it!

Here it is before...(I stole these)

And after!! He is so amazing!!

Plus, I had so many texts when I was out there, but I saved them to read at night. Since I didn't really have great service, I didn't get too many phone calls, which is okay. Especially because when I got home, I had cards waiting for me from my awesome in-laws (they are seriously the best!) and my parents (also seriously the best!), my cute little sister who sent me her own card (so thoughtful!) and my new sister and brother-in-law! They even got me a cute necklace to go in my jewelry box and a gift card to Hobby Lobby! (Yeah, can you say score?!) so it was still a great birthday. I love my family. And my friends. I got so many funny, cute texts. I love my birthdays. Now the countdown until my sweetie's begins!!

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