Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Grandma Betty & I were watching Dancing With the Stars tonight (but I'm not a regular so don't ask me anything about it) and I noticed that James still had not come back downstairs after being gone the whole episode. So I went upstairs to find this.

Rolled up in a little burrito, watching the World Cup qualifiers like a kid waiting for the ball to drop on New Years, heavy eyelids and all. He loves his soccer as much as I love him I think. But it was adorable so I had to share.

The other reason for my post is not so cute and innocent. In fact, my being fired up and writing this post, I'm sure, is going to put a bad taste in someone's mouth. Well then, go read a hippie's blog.

Recently, I've been noticing that there are a lot of these weird protests going around. Like how women in the church are a "lesser people" and how they need the priesthood to, ya know, to be equal with those who can't have children. Or the most stupid one, women should be allowed to wear pants to church. Don't even get me started on that one.

Anyway, I thought since this is my blog, (well, ours I guess but James has yet to write a post so I feel like it's okay to say that) I should be allowed to say what I believe in about the issue of legalizing gay marriage.

I DO NOT support it. But that does not mean I hate or even dislike gays at all. Completely the opposite. I have had tons of gay friends that I hold very near & dear. But when it comes to legalizing marriage of one "partner" to the same gendered "partner," I have to put a foot down. It makes me so sad to see that members of my church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, completely disregard what their prophet has to say. I've seen a lot of members who not only are for it, but are criticizing people for NOT defending it. I think the most offensive ones were people saying our beliefs are "out of date" and the prophet is "just is stuck in old ways" that "don't work anymore." Uh, who do you think you are to tell a prophet of God that what he believes and teaches us is incorrect. Comparing his words to standards set by the world, which Satan is slowly and cunningly taking hold of using the very tricks that prophet warned he would. I lose absolutely all respect for those members. Really. Because if that's your stance, don't sustain our prophets and really think what you are saying to God by doing so. And I've seen the argument that the church says vote however you think fit. I think I trust the prophet and that his counsel is not optional. 

I've also heard, almost as the motto, that "Well Jesus loved and accepted everyone. So you're a hater." My friend Ryan put it best: 
     "Christ loves everyone, he does not accept everyone as they are. He invites them to live a higher law.
"...I'm not arguing that we keep gays out of our restaurants, give them their own separate water fountains, or keep them out of our schools. I'm not arguing we take away their right to vote or own land. I simply want to live in a society that defines family the same way Christ defines family. "
 And I don't hate people who are gay! Our church doesn't disown those in it who are gay either. It's a struggle and we all know & accept that and love them anyway. What we will never agree with is engaging in homosexual behaviors. My friend Emily Rust wrote an amazing article about all of this so here's the link if you're interested. Changing the laws means my temples, that I have a sacred recommend for, will be open to those whose marriage I, or the church, do not support, but are forced to allow because of the 12th article of faith. Who is imposing on who then?

I think God is being pushed aside in the very country He gave us and lets us be free in. I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman because if God, being our Creator, wanted marriage and creation any other way, He'd have made things differently. He's God! He could've done whatever He wanted! But He made Adam and his "perfect helpmeet," Eve. Completely different genders with different personalities, strengths and weaknesses that are opposite, but equal and complimentary.

But. It also infuriates me when people back down and don't want to get involved so they just sit back and watch as other people defend their own beliefs. Or even worse, when people are like "Oh la la la everything is fine and I just want everyone to hug each other and live in a rainbow." NO. The world is not made of rainbows and baby animals. We're in the biggest moral war maybe to ever hit the earth and people choose NOW to shy away or "remain neutral?!" Are you serious?! What would've happened had people shied away from World War II? We'd be DEAD. Dead people! Women and blacks' rights? We'd never have gotten anywhere! So take a friggin stance and stick with it! There's nothing wrong with a good debate! The only thing that would spoil it are the personal attacks. I have never, and will never, be okay with violence or hate against others. It's never okay. Our church agrees with me too.

We all have to live in this world together. There is too many other things going on to not love one another and lift everywhere we can. All I am saying is that I support and completely defend my prophet, who teaches and acts in Christ's name, and whom I know communicates with God. I had a mini revelation today that I think He would be very disappointed if I shied away from such an important issue and never said anything. So here it is. For the whole world to see. I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman and that eternal marriages taking place in our temples should forever mean just that.

Just look at that guy up at the top there. I'm so happy I will be able to have children with him, together, someday and that our kids will be blessed with a mom and one amazing dad.

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