Tuesday, February 4, 2014

hook, line, & sinker.

So once again, I've been slacking. I know, I'm sorry about that.

But I was just talking to my friend in church this week about how I feel so lame in conversations these days. James & I are living a quiet, just-the-two-of-us little happy lifestyle right now. So there's never really anything SUPER exciting to talk about. BUT! Finally last week, some fun, more lively things happened.

First off, I went fishing for the first real time in my life! I know. My sister thinks I've turned into "a rootin tootin hillbilly." Haha...it's possible. We went once in Texas and I used a tiny pink Barbie fishing pole because the big kids were doing their thing. And we used live worms that time, which my stomach had quite a problem with.

This time, we used pieces of shrimp and those I could hook pretty well! We took Tyler's boat out to the river and were there for most of our Saturday! James is already a pro fishermen. He has like 3 poles and knows all the tricks. It was time for me to step up to the plate & show him what I got.

[Side note: These pictures are all very bright. Which is weird because it was overcast, but whatever. I'm definitely no photographer!]

I love love love being out on the water, especially when it's nice & cloudy like that. It's so beautiful and peaceful. In fact, so peaceful that there was more of this going on than I thought there'd be! Haha

At one point, the guys got out of the boat and went to explore the land. It was a small space, so when they came back, we all ate the sandwiches & chips we'd packed up in the cooler. It was like a fun little boat picnic.

Then it was off to find more fishing spots. Abby said she had a good feeling in a couple spots, and we were pretty sure she almost caught a couple fish, but they managed to get away every time. It was pretty fun for me to just sit and wait because I was so sure I was going to have beginner's luck and I'd catch dinner...so not the case.I ended up setting my fishing pole down next to James and waiting for it to move, but it didn't. It was still nice though! We all just sat on the boat, talking, relaxing. And Zach & Ana even caught a couple sticks! ;) Finally I can say that I've "gone fishin." Haha

The second thing was that James finally has passed his tests to get his insurance license and is now official!

He started his job on yesterday and was mostly just training. BUT! He worked for our bishop again last week (to get out of the house) and was telling a lady about how he got his license and she wanted to get a policy from him! Not only that, but that lady was talking to another lady on the phone and now SHE wants to buy a policy from him as well! It's a talent James has. He's very much a people person. After his first day, I brought him a balloon to show him how excited & happy I am for him. It's been a long hard road for him and I'm SO proud of all he's accomplished. All of that work has finally paid off and I'm glad he can start the job he's wanted for years now. YAY James!! Now we wait for the business cards...

And that's about it. That covers the highlights. Others include James's garden is growing & feeding us, I almost get to start working from home two days a week (WHOO!) and both of us are going to the gym every other day and we feel awesome! We're getting stronger! Now if we can just keep our healthier eating up, I'd say this family is on a roll!