Saturday, June 22, 2013

keep up.

So...I realize I have been a slacker. I know. We're graduating though so I feel like we deserve a free pass.

But my sisters have been asking me, my mom's been asking me, and pretty much everyone let me tell you what's been up.

Classes, homework, side projects FOR classes, and then more homework. I feel so bad. I have been the worst friend in the world this semester. But of course, my sweet James has still been pretty good! As stressed as he is, he keeps making the time to see his friends! That's why I married him. So people will like me more because everyone loves him.

Something SO exciting that I've been working on is a show called "Upper Valley Idaho." It's basically like a program showing all about the people and places of Idaho and it's completely shot, created, edited, and put on by us students! I made one package about Alive After Five (a community gathering Wednesday night after 5pm with LOTS of free beer....I know, kind of ironic since I definitely don't drink the stuff, but contrary to what people believe, not all of Idaho is made up of Mormons. Haha And I meet seriously the cutest people. I love talking to be people and hearing everything they have to say. Needless to say, I think I am going into the perfect career. I should upload my package to YouTube, just to have it for safe keeping. But if you download the Local News 8 app, you can see all of the episodes there! PLUS, I get to ANCHOR! It's so exciting. I love anchoring, but editing is my really favorite thing. So I'm so excited to be a big part of all of this. We not only have got our newscasts playing around campus, but now we are on ACTUAL LIVE television!!! I feel like our little program, as well as all of us, have made LEAPS and BOUNDS this semester. Keep your eyes peeled for it!

James is still the hardest worker I know. He spends all of his time in the Austin and I spend all of my time in Spori. But he will still come home and make dinner and snuggle with me AND he has still made the time to do ALL kinds of side things...he took care of our finances, our bills, and he's been working on how we are going to get OUT of here in a month! He is just amazing. I can't believe I got so lucky. I would seriously be in SUCH a world of hurt without him. Plus he makes me WANT to be a better person, and everyone has always told me that is what makes your significant other your other half. It's true.

Sorry, I know. It's lovey dovey. What can I say? Our marriage is awesome, school is difficult but keeps us busy and learning SO much, and I love love love having a little home just for the two of us right now. We have grown together so much and I love the quiet moments we get to spend, just the two of us.

Other than that.......we're still the same. Not much else new to report. But I promise I will try my BEST to keep everyone updated if something does! Love you all!

Saturday, June 1, 2013


How awesome are surprises?!

We got to surprise my cutie wittle sister over the Memorial Day weekend!! I was so beyond excited. My AWESOME mom was the mastermind behind it all too. THANK YOU SO MUCH MOM!! For my graduation gift, she got James & I a rental car so we could drive down and meet them in Vegas at Blair and Rachel's house to surprise them! It was a plan that started out as a joke, but the more we talked about it, the more we realized it was TOTALLY possible! So we swore each other to secrecy and devised the bet surprise plot ever!

And James was such a trooper. He needed to go to classes on Friday and I was willing to miss all but my 9am one, and he made it work so that we could go down to Las Vegas for the weekend to hang out with my family! My mom, dad, and little sister Qiqi came and then our good friend, Jacob, came along for the ride! We spent all of Friday driving down. About a quarter of the way, I get a text from Rachel saying that James had posted he was on his way to Vegas!!!!! I had one. Serious. Freak out. Haha I mean, we laughed but I was so mad! So I quickly thought of something and told her that JAMES was going down there with a friend to help him move in. I also said he'd be coming to stop by and maybe even stay the night. After a LOT of lying, she bought the whole elaborate story (I said I was doing thank you's and couldn't come) and so when we FINALLY got to Vegas (Mom & I were texting pretty much the entire trip and I was gushing over with excitement at our little scheme!) I was about to explode.

So we got there and James & Jacob went in while I quickly hid behind my family's truck. I texted my mom and told her to alert me when I should come in so she could record it. When I finally got the text that said "Now!" I came up to the door, opened it really fast (actually almost hitting Rachel!) and the squealing began!! My mom & I couldn't stop laughing as Rachel (who was crying) and Qiarra jumped all over me. It was seriously so awesome. She didn't suspect a thing.

During the weekend we got to stay there, we helped Blair & Rachel move into their new house. All of the men did all of the electronic work while the girls put furniture together. It was really fun actually! I liked helping Rachel decide where to put things and how to set it all up. I was so glad we were able to help them because there was a LOT to do. We played games, went shopping, saw them give talks, ate yummy food (Dad even cooked Sunday roast!) and we went to a BBQ at Blair's mom's house and I got to swim with my mom & Qiarra, which I haven't got to do in FOREVER.

Family breakfast minus Mom, who came later...
She was pretty excited...Haha
Oh! And right after we got there Friday night, we went and got food at the place the Canfields had been dying to take us. It was yummy, but since I had had Taco Bell the whole way down, I was not at ALL hungry.
Side note: my internship TOTALLY was making a commercial for this place while I worked there.
So cool I finally got to visit one!
Why yes, that IS my hot handyman husband hanging ceiling fans with little Jacob.
Working....and video games....and documentaries...really tuckered em out.
Such a great weekend with my family. I needed it pretty badly. SO excited to see them again for garduatioooon!!! Whoooo!!!