Monday, April 1, 2013


Easter just happened to be on a Sunday this year, so I wanted to go all out for our primary class. Not just because of that, but it was also our last Sunday in this ward so I wanted to win "Favorite Teachers Ever" in their eyes. First, we made these awesome little treats for our class.

It's basically like candied popcorn. Only. Sweet James, just trying to help, was forced to make it all and used buttered popcorn....instead of plain, white popcorn....NOT a good idea. It was beyond too sweet. At least for us. When we handed them out during class, we knew we made a mistake. All of the kids were like

But we were used to it by the end of class. I'm pretty sure every single one of them opened their Easter eggs before church because they were throwing plastic eggs against the wall (that contained information about the Holy Ghost by the way) and making farting noises. 

Anyway, if you want the recipe we used, here you are. I just have to warn you, do NOT use buttered popcorn. You're eaters will have a sugar head and tooth ache for a week!

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