Friday, March 29, 2013


This last Wednesday, as I was trying to find the best gift ever for James, I got stumped. So I decided to ask his grandma if she had any ideas. She told me to try going to this place called "The Square" here in town. It had all kind of stores--a TON of antique shops, cute little boutiques, and food, which included this cute little candy store called Atomic Candy that sells all kinds of old (time period, not like stale gross old candy), vintage treats. But. They also sell all these weird pranks and collectibles. I HAD to post some of them so you'd believe me.

Yes. These are REAL flavored crickets. Sour Cream & Onion, Salt & Vinegar, Bacon & Cheese. BLECH.
And those are BBQ flavored larva in the red. To taste like chicken?

Astronaut food! If you can't see it, this is a cookies and cream ice cream sandwich!
I wanted to get this for my mom. Haha
A Public Toilet Survival Kit, complete with 2 antiseptic wipes,
1 pair disposable gloves, and one toilet seat liner. Haha
Might be good for our backpacks Mom!

Anyway, they also had Denton post cards, EVERY kind of Jelly Belly jellybean you could imagine, Harry Potter candies, masks, hilarious mints, like this one, and a tower of saltwater taffy. Had it not been kind of expensive, I would be about 10 pounds heavier today. Aaand have this weird collection of nostalgic trinkets.

But definitely worth making a day trip over there for! The whole place was so fun and I wanted to take James there for his birthday, but he was working himself to the bone. Gotta love him. Maybe there's a trip in the near future?

Thursday, March 28, 2013


This one gets an exclamation point because!......drum roll please..... Today is my sweet husband's BIRTHDAY!!

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! I looove birthdays!!!! I mean, I LOOOOVE them. Like I plan for them a couple months in advance, thinking "Oh, that would be so fun to do! I have to remember to get this, this, and this." Or picking out the perfect gift and card and getting them and trying to hide them for weeks. I think everyone's birthdays should be a highlight of the year! So I go all out.

Last night, I kept waiting and waiting for him to go to sleep so I could get to work decorating! It was cute because I don't think he knew what I was going to do, so he kept saying things like "Why are you trying to get rid of me!? Can't we just watch our show together? Don't you just want to hang out with me?" Haha I couldn't say anything, so I really didn't get busy until about midnight. (And I had an anxiety attack every time he rolled over!)

Since he has to work today, (tragic, I know) I was hoping to surprise him with all this fun stuff when he got home.

Already, I'd worked a lot of the afternoon to get the kitchen, dining room, stairs, and our room totally decked out. (I told you. I'm mad about birthdays) And it looked like crepe paper streamers exploded all over our room. In fact, taking a shower afterward was not so smart. Just to get my clothes, I was doing a whole lot of this.

But it looks so awesome in there, right?!

Look closely and you can see the camo banner
across the bed posts for my camo-loving husband!

I got him the only knife missing from his set and sneakily had my sister, Erin, send it to me. Buuut it didn't get here in time. It took a while to track down so it's understandable. And I spent a whole lot of yesterday trying to pick something out at the antique stores but everything was too expensive of junky. (That's my next post!)

So I went a little crazy with orange (it's his favorite color) and bought Goldfish, Reese's, and Scrabble Slam--all his favorite orange things. Plus I made sure the envelope for his card was orange and bought balloons and those streamers, all orange. Ps, WORD TO THE WISE: Balloon pumps are probably the best invention ever. I bought like 50 balloons and had I had to blow them up all by myself, you'd probably be mourning my asphyxiation.

When he fiiiinally got home, we ate dinner (Grandma made sweet & sour chicken, one of his favorites) and opened up his presents from his grandparents (radar detector for his car) and his sister, Ana & brother-in-law, Zach. (Tervis University of Florida cups-his favorite team EVER)

I threatened him to smile. This is what I got and he's still totally adorable.

Then he went up to take a shower. And all I heard when he opened the door was, "What in the world is going on in here?!" and since I didn't see his face, I pictured it looking like this

and gave my self a high five.

When he came back down, he did a few things on his computer while we all watched a couple shows together (a nightly tradition) and then we sang Happy Birthday and ate black-bottom cupcakes. YUM.

After some threatening again...
Then he was sooo tired from working that he pretty much went straight to bed, but not before destroying what was blocking the bed. Haha We got video. Let's hope that's able to be posted. And he pulled me aside right before he fell asleep and thanked me for such a great day and said a few other sweet things. But I suppose I'll keep those to my happy little self. ;)

I'm SO glad he had such a great day!! It means that I had a great day because he felt special. See? Birthdays are the BEST.

Happy birthday to the best man I've ever been lucky enough to win over. I could write a whoooole lot of mushy stuff, but let's just say he's the greatest person I have ever known and had the priviledgfe to love. He has the personality every girl dreams her husband will have and every quality they write down on their "list" in young women's. (We've all done it)

 He makes my joy full and my knees weak. I sure love that birthday boy.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Grandma Betty & I were watching Dancing With the Stars tonight (but I'm not a regular so don't ask me anything about it) and I noticed that James still had not come back downstairs after being gone the whole episode. So I went upstairs to find this.

Rolled up in a little burrito, watching the World Cup qualifiers like a kid waiting for the ball to drop on New Years, heavy eyelids and all. He loves his soccer as much as I love him I think. But it was adorable so I had to share.

The other reason for my post is not so cute and innocent. In fact, my being fired up and writing this post, I'm sure, is going to put a bad taste in someone's mouth. Well then, go read a hippie's blog.

Recently, I've been noticing that there are a lot of these weird protests going around. Like how women in the church are a "lesser people" and how they need the priesthood to, ya know, to be equal with those who can't have children. Or the most stupid one, women should be allowed to wear pants to church. Don't even get me started on that one.

Anyway, I thought since this is my blog, (well, ours I guess but James has yet to write a post so I feel like it's okay to say that) I should be allowed to say what I believe in about the issue of legalizing gay marriage.

I DO NOT support it. But that does not mean I hate or even dislike gays at all. Completely the opposite. I have had tons of gay friends that I hold very near & dear. But when it comes to legalizing marriage of one "partner" to the same gendered "partner," I have to put a foot down. It makes me so sad to see that members of my church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, completely disregard what their prophet has to say. I've seen a lot of members who not only are for it, but are criticizing people for NOT defending it. I think the most offensive ones were people saying our beliefs are "out of date" and the prophet is "just is stuck in old ways" that "don't work anymore." Uh, who do you think you are to tell a prophet of God that what he believes and teaches us is incorrect. Comparing his words to standards set by the world, which Satan is slowly and cunningly taking hold of using the very tricks that prophet warned he would. I lose absolutely all respect for those members. Really. Because if that's your stance, don't sustain our prophets and really think what you are saying to God by doing so. And I've seen the argument that the church says vote however you think fit. I think I trust the prophet and that his counsel is not optional. 

I've also heard, almost as the motto, that "Well Jesus loved and accepted everyone. So you're a hater." My friend Ryan put it best: 
     "Christ loves everyone, he does not accept everyone as they are. He invites them to live a higher law.
"...I'm not arguing that we keep gays out of our restaurants, give them their own separate water fountains, or keep them out of our schools. I'm not arguing we take away their right to vote or own land. I simply want to live in a society that defines family the same way Christ defines family. "
 And I don't hate people who are gay! Our church doesn't disown those in it who are gay either. It's a struggle and we all know & accept that and love them anyway. What we will never agree with is engaging in homosexual behaviors. My friend Emily Rust wrote an amazing article about all of this so here's the link if you're interested. Changing the laws means my temples, that I have a sacred recommend for, will be open to those whose marriage I, or the church, do not support, but are forced to allow because of the 12th article of faith. Who is imposing on who then?

I think God is being pushed aside in the very country He gave us and lets us be free in. I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman because if God, being our Creator, wanted marriage and creation any other way, He'd have made things differently. He's God! He could've done whatever He wanted! But He made Adam and his "perfect helpmeet," Eve. Completely different genders with different personalities, strengths and weaknesses that are opposite, but equal and complimentary.

But. It also infuriates me when people back down and don't want to get involved so they just sit back and watch as other people defend their own beliefs. Or even worse, when people are like "Oh la la la everything is fine and I just want everyone to hug each other and live in a rainbow." NO. The world is not made of rainbows and baby animals. We're in the biggest moral war maybe to ever hit the earth and people choose NOW to shy away or "remain neutral?!" Are you serious?! What would've happened had people shied away from World War II? We'd be DEAD. Dead people! Women and blacks' rights? We'd never have gotten anywhere! So take a friggin stance and stick with it! There's nothing wrong with a good debate! The only thing that would spoil it are the personal attacks. I have never, and will never, be okay with violence or hate against others. It's never okay. Our church agrees with me too.

We all have to live in this world together. There is too many other things going on to not love one another and lift everywhere we can. All I am saying is that I support and completely defend my prophet, who teaches and acts in Christ's name, and whom I know communicates with God. I had a mini revelation today that I think He would be very disappointed if I shied away from such an important issue and never said anything. So here it is. For the whole world to see. I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman and that eternal marriages taking place in our temples should forever mean just that.

Just look at that guy up at the top there. I'm so happy I will be able to have children with him, together, someday and that our kids will be blessed with a mom and one amazing dad.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Okay, there is THE funniest story about this cute little guy. I can't tell you his name because, well, there are total creeps out there and even though I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that reads this blog, you can't be too careful. So we'll call him Adam. Seems appropriate. These pictures weren't from St. Patrick's Day, clearly, but just pretend they are, because that is the day of this story.

James & I were called to team teach primary, and so far we've loooved it. Our kids are so smart and so much fun!! Well, after primary on Sunday (St. Patrick's Day--this is important, I swear!) James was taking all of our materials back to the library when I noticed I forgot to hand out the assignments to our little kids. (You know, like talks, scriptures, or being the "reverence child" in sacrament.)

So I go looking in the general direction I saw all our kids bolted in and saw Adam go into a classroom, but I got pulled away for a second. Then I went into the classroom and he was gone! So I asked the teacher in there, "Hey, did Adam just come in here?" and she said "Well, yes, but he's gone somewhere now! But that's okay, because I'm his mom!" and I was like "Oh! Perfect! Well this is Adam's assignment for next week! I'm his teacher." and she was like "Oh my gosh. (starts laughing) I have to tell you something. Last week, Adam came home and we were asking how his class went and he said 'I have a HOT teacher.' (I started cracking up!!) and I told him, 'Well, I don't know if her husband would approve of that." I was cracking up. Just the kind of thing I could see him doing. Then his mom said "But I told him, hey. Next week is St. Patrick's Day! Since we're Irish, go up and tell your teacher 'Kiss me! I'm Irish!' and see what she says!" I told her he must've got too scared, but I was flattered!

Hahaha Oh my gosh, it was the FUNNIEST thing ever. James & I had a good laugh about it on the way home.

I am so going to miss teaching primary with James and with our kids! Especially little Adam. My heart has a special little place for the funny, sweet kid that always is the first to offer the prayer. Ugh! So sad we only get them one more week. But stay tuned because we have some AWESOME things planned for Easter.

Friday, March 22, 2013


James didn't have work yesterday so (eventually) when I rolled out of bed and did a little of this.

Mostly because it's so fun to get him to the whole entire day, all to myself!

We decided to go to Dallas to pick up my ring. And I realized it may have been separated from my finger just a little too long because a) now I always forget to put it on in the morning and b) I started "catching up" with it in the car, which completely freaked James out.

Then we decided to walk around the mall for a little bit. They have a really pretty courtyard outside and since it was so nice, I was all over taking a couple pictures next to the gorgeous flowers.

I love my sweetheart!

It was a little bright. Haha
After that, we walked around the mall, doin a little exploring. We almost got some candy for his grandma, but it got to be way more expensive than we thought so James walked around with this bag of candy waiting to put it back in front of the lady maning the store so that we could leave. It sounds way more hilarious watching James trying to figure out how not to look like a criminal than I'm making it sound, especially since when he finally did put it back, she totally called us out on it and thought we'd touched it to death with our hands. Holy embarrassing. We're not 6 year olds lady!

Anyway, we walked by a Bridgestone store and James told me that he & his best friend, Tyler, used to go in there all the time to sit in the massage chairs, until the workers caught onto them and told them to buzz off.

Well. We're not in Florida, and that sounded like a great idea. So I pulled him in the store and we each picked a chair to test out, you know. Just in case we could ever afford a $4,000 chair. The one James sat in was the funniest. You know those blood pressure testing machines in drugstores? It's kind of like that but for different parts of your body at different times. It was kind of cool and uses all these crazy censors. Anyway, it sort of freaked James out, but I was trying so hard not to snort I was laughing so much.
It's pressed against his shoulders, trapping him in!

I could easily see people getting claustrophobic. It was a little creepy. And the massage wasn't even that great! In fact, it actually tickled me! But "we passed on it."

Eventually, we left the mall and ran a couple errands: returned a pillow, James almost got ripped off by the Chinese food guy (and was still disappointed with it in the end. Poor guy) and some other boring things. You know, things married people try to get done together when one doesn't have to work. We did homework together that night too.

It may sound stupid, but really, running errands is way more fun when James is around. He makes it fun. I'm so glad I married my best friend. I highly recommend it! :)

Monday, March 18, 2013


I seriously can't believe I am 24 years old. I feel so young, like the I-want-dessert-before-dinner kind, but I'm married and love naps! What happened?!

Well this year was kind of passed up. I know. I am kind of a freak about holidays and birthdays, so how is that possible right? Well James & I went on the pioneer trek with the youth here in Denton. So we left super early that morning, but not before I got the annual fun birthday phone call from my family!! It made my whole morning. I love them. And then, when I went downstairs, Grandma Betty handed me a card and a little cute bag! In it was this awesome headband with a scarf attached (which saved my life on the trek) and I saved the car until we were in the car driving to Decatur because I knew that would be about it.

The trek was a lot of work, but a lot of fun at the same time! James & I slept in a trailer and then we'd go shoot video of the kids pushing the handcarts, all the activities, the games, the firesides, everything! I got caught up in it all and totally forgot it was my birthday. But once in a while, James would say something like "Here's your lunch, birthday girl!" and I was like "Oh yeah! It IS my birthday!" so he tried to keep me happy and celebrating a bit. But we were busy busy busy.
Side note: I found this link to one of the photographers who was on the trek if you wanted to get an idea. She's TALENTED.

This is sadly the only picture we got from the Trek. Everything else was on video cameras. :(
However, the night before, I was sitting up on our bed and he peeks around the corner with a smile on his face (which made me laugh kind of nervously) and he brings out this AWESOME, adorable jewelry box from behind his back. He swore I'd already seen it because I looked through his pictures, but I never had! It was so cool AND...get this...he refurbished it all by himself! Just for me! He bought it from someone and then repainted and distressed it and redid it just for me, exactly how I would've wanted it!

Here it is before...(I stole these)

And after!! He is so amazing!!

Plus, I had so many texts when I was out there, but I saved them to read at night. Since I didn't really have great service, I didn't get too many phone calls, which is okay. Especially because when I got home, I had cards waiting for me from my awesome in-laws (they are seriously the best!) and my parents (also seriously the best!), my cute little sister who sent me her own card (so thoughtful!) and my new sister and brother-in-law! They even got me a cute necklace to go in my jewelry box and a gift card to Hobby Lobby! (Yeah, can you say score?!) so it was still a great birthday. I love my family. And my friends. I got so many funny, cute texts. I love my birthdays. Now the countdown until my sweetie's begins!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

last day.

Today was the last day of my internship at Fast Cuts.

Thanks Mindy. (Ps-if you don't watch this show, your life probably doesn't have humor in it.)

This was all that was left!
It was so sweet (literally)--they bought all these cupcakes (the good stuff) and all signed a card (I'm talking completely covered) and then call me up from the studio because they said we were going to sing Happy Birthday to someone (because they sing to everyone on their birthday and buy them their favorite dessert! How great are they? Showing they care!) and guess what, we didn't. It was all for me. So fun and so cute.

It's going to be SO weird not having to drive to Dallas every Tuesday/Thursday! I loved blaring music and having some time to exercise those vocal chords (usually I was practicing what I would look like on American Idol and praying the windows were tinted enough) and the scenery was really beautiful when you get to downtown Dallas! See?

However. I most definitely will not miss the anxiety attacks I got everyday from driving home in this.

Yes, we are all packed to the walls. And no one uses brake properly. Or cares.

But the people at Fast Cuts were completely amazing and I learned SO much!! I shadowed someone different every single day and it was never boring! I feel like I have so much more to learn before I get into the real world though but they were all so encouraging!! I am so blessed to have had such a wonderful internship. Plus they all said to keep in touch and they would be happy to help me in any way they could! Thank goodness because with all their expertise, I will be like, 
all the time. (Sorry for all the gifs, but they pretty much do the interacting for me)

Thank you all so much for being so nice to "the new kid" and for taking such great care of me and being such great, fantastic, amazing, talented mentors and friends. I couldn't have asked for a better internship anywhere else and I can't believe how much my next real job will suck compared to that.