Know It, Live It, Love It

James & I are both faithful members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Don't let that big, long name intimidate you. We're sure you've heard a lot about "those Mormons," but we're really just normal people, probably living all around you!


Reflections of Christ - Mark Mabry
Here is the church's official page for you to explore. You can meet us, read all about what we stand for and do, and ask questions without raising your hand.

This one is a little more formal, not as explorer friendly, but still FULL of great, inspiring things to help you learn.

Still need more?

Here's what PBS found out, and told the world. Pretty legit, right?

Take the time and research it out. You might be surprised and really like what you see...

Love, the Andersons

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