Thursday, March 28, 2013


This one gets an exclamation point because!......drum roll please..... Today is my sweet husband's BIRTHDAY!!

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! I looove birthdays!!!! I mean, I LOOOOVE them. Like I plan for them a couple months in advance, thinking "Oh, that would be so fun to do! I have to remember to get this, this, and this." Or picking out the perfect gift and card and getting them and trying to hide them for weeks. I think everyone's birthdays should be a highlight of the year! So I go all out.

Last night, I kept waiting and waiting for him to go to sleep so I could get to work decorating! It was cute because I don't think he knew what I was going to do, so he kept saying things like "Why are you trying to get rid of me!? Can't we just watch our show together? Don't you just want to hang out with me?" Haha I couldn't say anything, so I really didn't get busy until about midnight. (And I had an anxiety attack every time he rolled over!)

Since he has to work today, (tragic, I know) I was hoping to surprise him with all this fun stuff when he got home.

Already, I'd worked a lot of the afternoon to get the kitchen, dining room, stairs, and our room totally decked out. (I told you. I'm mad about birthdays) And it looked like crepe paper streamers exploded all over our room. In fact, taking a shower afterward was not so smart. Just to get my clothes, I was doing a whole lot of this.

But it looks so awesome in there, right?!

Look closely and you can see the camo banner
across the bed posts for my camo-loving husband!

I got him the only knife missing from his set and sneakily had my sister, Erin, send it to me. Buuut it didn't get here in time. It took a while to track down so it's understandable. And I spent a whole lot of yesterday trying to pick something out at the antique stores but everything was too expensive of junky. (That's my next post!)

So I went a little crazy with orange (it's his favorite color) and bought Goldfish, Reese's, and Scrabble Slam--all his favorite orange things. Plus I made sure the envelope for his card was orange and bought balloons and those streamers, all orange. Ps, WORD TO THE WISE: Balloon pumps are probably the best invention ever. I bought like 50 balloons and had I had to blow them up all by myself, you'd probably be mourning my asphyxiation.

When he fiiiinally got home, we ate dinner (Grandma made sweet & sour chicken, one of his favorites) and opened up his presents from his grandparents (radar detector for his car) and his sister, Ana & brother-in-law, Zach. (Tervis University of Florida cups-his favorite team EVER)

I threatened him to smile. This is what I got and he's still totally adorable.

Then he went up to take a shower. And all I heard when he opened the door was, "What in the world is going on in here?!" and since I didn't see his face, I pictured it looking like this

and gave my self a high five.

When he came back down, he did a few things on his computer while we all watched a couple shows together (a nightly tradition) and then we sang Happy Birthday and ate black-bottom cupcakes. YUM.

After some threatening again...
Then he was sooo tired from working that he pretty much went straight to bed, but not before destroying what was blocking the bed. Haha We got video. Let's hope that's able to be posted. And he pulled me aside right before he fell asleep and thanked me for such a great day and said a few other sweet things. But I suppose I'll keep those to my happy little self. ;)

I'm SO glad he had such a great day!! It means that I had a great day because he felt special. See? Birthdays are the BEST.

Happy birthday to the best man I've ever been lucky enough to win over. I could write a whoooole lot of mushy stuff, but let's just say he's the greatest person I have ever known and had the priviledgfe to love. He has the personality every girl dreams her husband will have and every quality they write down on their "list" in young women's. (We've all done it)

 He makes my joy full and my knees weak. I sure love that birthday boy.

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