Friday, August 1, 2014

live list.

Good morning everyone! I am in a VERY cheerful mood this morning and therefore, I felt like I could get in a pretty good blog post!

Ever since we got back from New York, I've been feeling a little antsy. Most times, I feel like when people take a vacation, they go & relax & come back and just want to be lazy, since they've had such a nice break. Totally understandable. But in my case, I've been the opposite! When we were there, every single day, we were up + out and taking on new adventures! I had no idea where the day was going to take us and we were hardly ever inside--we were out enjoying the gorgeous scenery and soaking up all the cities had to offer, I even ate on the porch almost every single day. I LOVED it!

So now that we're back, I've been having this itch to explore and go on more adventures! Luckily, I married someone who has my back and felt the same way. James has been watching this show here called "How to do Florida" and we've been getting so many ideas of things we can do locally! It's pretty awesome, I have to admit. They teach you things you can cook, things you can do, things to find...we just can't wait to get started!

Besides that, or I guess adding to that, I've been following this cute little lady on Instagram and she does this thing called a "Live List." Guys. Live lists. Are. Awesome. James + I already have a bucket list in motion, but I like her idea a bit more. Here's how she explains it...

It has things like learn to trapeze, go to Africa, do a service mission, buy a stranger a pair of shoes, etc... I don't see it as a bucket list- because there is no expectation of time or expiration-- but more of a celebration of life and what I hope mine will be. This list has taken me places and opened me up to more than I could have imagined - so naturally as a mom I want similar for my family. Soooo, five years ago we started putting together family lists. We call them our LIVE LISTS. #jensenfamilylivelist. The process is fun, (We all get together with treats and popcorn and have a brainstorming session) and the rule is, that there are no rules- dream big, think small, be silly. Of course we get some crazy ideas, but we try to let the kids talk through each one and decide why it would/wouldn't be a good idea to i.e.: tear down the house and build an amusement park to live in…(a serious contribution our first year). As we talk our list starts to form and we start to give our ideas more detail. We try to make sure we have a little of everything: service, fun, events coming up, everyday activities and at least one family getaway even if its just to the back yard. We put the list together as a family and when we are almost done- each person gets to pick one (reasonable) thing that can’t be vetoed by anyone else to put on the List. Those are usually the best. We do ours by season (hence the #jensensummerlivelist) and keep it in the kitchen so it's always visible on days we need a little extra help finding the magic in life!...Anyway, I've tagged some of our photos #jensenfamilylivelist In case you'd like to start your own and need some ideas. Xx

I LOVE that. So I've been taking her advice and adding to our bucket list things that are a little simpler, things that I've taken for granted. Instead of a list of things James & I would like to do, it's becoming a list of things I can't wait to do with James and our family, which should really be the whole point right?

James & I at Niagara Falls
Where I once had things like "Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome," I traded it for things like "jump on a trampoline with a sprinkler on" or "ride a train." And now that I've made it a little more simple, it's kind of cool to see all the things I can actually check off now! And checking things off lists is pretty much what I live for. For example, just thanks to last week, we...

Went to a farmer's market

✓ Went to a demolition derby
✓ Went to the fair
Built a fire and got toasty

Do something that with my lover that he loves to do...check.
So. The point is I need to stop taking little moments and little adventures for granted. Because once I get to have little ones, those things are going to be the things that stick out to them. They were for me! Things like a living room campout with my sisters, Saturday Dairy Queen trips with my dad, getting to help decorate the outside of our house for Halloween, jumping on the trampoline with the whole family, running through the sprinklers when we were kids. Simple things, but my parents made the time to do those things with us and those almost mean more to me than any Christmas present I ever got. I am so excited to one day do this with my kids and make so many family memories! I hope you get to do the same and good luck making YOUR family Live Lists!