Friday, March 22, 2013


James didn't have work yesterday so (eventually) when I rolled out of bed and did a little of this.

Mostly because it's so fun to get him to the whole entire day, all to myself!

We decided to go to Dallas to pick up my ring. And I realized it may have been separated from my finger just a little too long because a) now I always forget to put it on in the morning and b) I started "catching up" with it in the car, which completely freaked James out.

Then we decided to walk around the mall for a little bit. They have a really pretty courtyard outside and since it was so nice, I was all over taking a couple pictures next to the gorgeous flowers.

I love my sweetheart!

It was a little bright. Haha
After that, we walked around the mall, doin a little exploring. We almost got some candy for his grandma, but it got to be way more expensive than we thought so James walked around with this bag of candy waiting to put it back in front of the lady maning the store so that we could leave. It sounds way more hilarious watching James trying to figure out how not to look like a criminal than I'm making it sound, especially since when he finally did put it back, she totally called us out on it and thought we'd touched it to death with our hands. Holy embarrassing. We're not 6 year olds lady!

Anyway, we walked by a Bridgestone store and James told me that he & his best friend, Tyler, used to go in there all the time to sit in the massage chairs, until the workers caught onto them and told them to buzz off.

Well. We're not in Florida, and that sounded like a great idea. So I pulled him in the store and we each picked a chair to test out, you know. Just in case we could ever afford a $4,000 chair. The one James sat in was the funniest. You know those blood pressure testing machines in drugstores? It's kind of like that but for different parts of your body at different times. It was kind of cool and uses all these crazy censors. Anyway, it sort of freaked James out, but I was trying so hard not to snort I was laughing so much.
It's pressed against his shoulders, trapping him in!

I could easily see people getting claustrophobic. It was a little creepy. And the massage wasn't even that great! In fact, it actually tickled me! But "we passed on it."

Eventually, we left the mall and ran a couple errands: returned a pillow, James almost got ripped off by the Chinese food guy (and was still disappointed with it in the end. Poor guy) and some other boring things. You know, things married people try to get done together when one doesn't have to work. We did homework together that night too.

It may sound stupid, but really, running errands is way more fun when James is around. He makes it fun. I'm so glad I married my best friend. I highly recommend it! :)

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