Sunday, March 24, 2013


Okay, there is THE funniest story about this cute little guy. I can't tell you his name because, well, there are total creeps out there and even though I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that reads this blog, you can't be too careful. So we'll call him Adam. Seems appropriate. These pictures weren't from St. Patrick's Day, clearly, but just pretend they are, because that is the day of this story.

James & I were called to team teach primary, and so far we've loooved it. Our kids are so smart and so much fun!! Well, after primary on Sunday (St. Patrick's Day--this is important, I swear!) James was taking all of our materials back to the library when I noticed I forgot to hand out the assignments to our little kids. (You know, like talks, scriptures, or being the "reverence child" in sacrament.)

So I go looking in the general direction I saw all our kids bolted in and saw Adam go into a classroom, but I got pulled away for a second. Then I went into the classroom and he was gone! So I asked the teacher in there, "Hey, did Adam just come in here?" and she said "Well, yes, but he's gone somewhere now! But that's okay, because I'm his mom!" and I was like "Oh! Perfect! Well this is Adam's assignment for next week! I'm his teacher." and she was like "Oh my gosh. (starts laughing) I have to tell you something. Last week, Adam came home and we were asking how his class went and he said 'I have a HOT teacher.' (I started cracking up!!) and I told him, 'Well, I don't know if her husband would approve of that." I was cracking up. Just the kind of thing I could see him doing. Then his mom said "But I told him, hey. Next week is St. Patrick's Day! Since we're Irish, go up and tell your teacher 'Kiss me! I'm Irish!' and see what she says!" I told her he must've got too scared, but I was flattered!

Hahaha Oh my gosh, it was the FUNNIEST thing ever. James & I had a good laugh about it on the way home.

I am so going to miss teaching primary with James and with our kids! Especially little Adam. My heart has a special little place for the funny, sweet kid that always is the first to offer the prayer. Ugh! So sad we only get them one more week. But stay tuned because we have some AWESOME things planned for Easter.

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