Monday, October 14, 2013

what a weekend!

WHOA. We had a busy weekend!!! Well...more like James did. But still some cool things happened! Let's go backwards.

Sunday: Actually, what happened Sunday wasn't cool. Story time.

James & I both had to give talks in church (this is the second time now) and I am not one to get nervous when I give talks. I mean, my voice shakes a little because I'm trying to remember everything, but I actually don't mind doing them! [It's the primary & YM/YW teachers I have most respect for. Trying to prepare an interesting lesson every single week and then giving it to the most brutally honest people in the whole ward, who are allowed to say something back?! YIKES. I hope I never ever have to teach Sunday School to a combined YM/YW class. We were so mean back then....Anyway!]

So we both had to give talks but the MOST terrible, embarrassing, awful thing happened. So the first speaker is a young man and he speaks for literally 2 minutes. Then I get up to speak and I give my talk, which was 2-ish pages long & I spoke for about ten minutes (like they tell you to at school). I felt pretty good about it! I didn't think I read too fast & I had a lot of different quotes and scriptures in there! I had stuck a little more closely to it than I thought, but I shared some pretty personal stuff, so I didn't want to cry or veer off or anything. Anyway, so I close it and sit down and we sing the intermediate hymn. [Side note: I was dying to ask James how I did, but I didn't want people to see me do it. Haha So I didn't say anything.]

Then the bishop gets up and introduces James and says "..and his wife left him with a whole lot of time to fill!" And I literally froze. What is he talking about? I thought. I left James with maybe like 12 minutes to speak and enough time to close, sing, and pray--like always!

No. Turns out, we end ten minutes after the hour. Not at 11:00 like I thought. No, 11:10. So poor James (who spent a lot of time on his talk, but didn't stay up too late because he knew my talk would take some time) had 20 minutes to fill. To put that in terms you'd understand, that's how long the apostles have to speak at General Conference. Actually, less than that! So I was forcing my poor husband to take up half the meeting!! Needless to say, I was MORTIFIED. I could hardly concentrate because I felt so bad. I was even trying to telepathically tell him how sorry I was and how terrible I felt, but it didn't even phase him. He did such an amazing job (which I knew he would because he went on a mission and they are forced to speak all the time at a moment's notice!) He was funny, spoke more slowly & clearly than I did, and even made this adorable little joke about how he used to not even see over the pulpit when he was at the age of passing the sacrament and now he was maxing it out! :) The bishop did have to take the last few minutes up and talked about missionary work (which is what James talked on) and I was whispering an apology to James about my huge mistake during the song and he was so sweet about it. I love that man.

Anyway, I had so so so many people come over to me between sacrament meeting & sunday school and introduced themselves to me and tell them how my talk had impacted them each differently. That was a tender mercy. I was so relieved that at least people got something significant out of what I did have.

Later that night, James took some more stuff over to our almost-house and got to go over with his friends and watch the premiere of the Walking Dead. I so did not care to join, but I'm glad they got to have fun together!

Saturday: Saturday I spent all day preparing talks and doing some other stuff. Not that cool. But my little handyman MADE shelves for Zach & Ana, along with help from Zach & his dad. It's so awesome when I see James putting to use all these amazing talents he has! He's so smart & good with numbers, he remembers everything he learned in school, and he just does things for people. All the time! He's always always always willing to go over & help someone move or build something or haul away things with his truck or fix something or whatever! People always look to him because they know he does a good job and is such a fun guy to work with! (I would know!) I love that about him. Anyway, I wasn't involved too much in the process so I can't tell you exactly what went on. Before the closet was just one little metal shelf (on one side because the other side had fallen out) and was filled with our suitcases.But after it looked like this!!

[Picture to come! I didn't want to post my crappy one, so I'll wait and take one with James's phone]

I know. What a stud right?! I told James not to buy a stud finder because, well, I think he married one. Haha *Double-sided compliment. What up!?*

Friday: Abby needed help with her homework so she came over & we finished that night. By then, Tyler had come over and Zach & Ana had left aaand James had come back from the auction. So. It was just the four of us. We didn't know what to do for dinner so we went to the store and bought all these ingredients for Jambalaya with kielbasa and they bought all these ingredients to make dirt pudding! It was so fun!! Zach & Ana were there when we got back from the store so we all cooked together and then watched the Internship together. SUCH a fun date night.

So all in all, I'd say pretty great weekend with a lot accomplished. High fives all around! :)

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