Saturday, October 12, 2013

going bowl-ing.

We got to finish Part 2 of our Empty Bowls project we have going for the county! I am so excited about this!! I love that we all got to get together and make something messy...that turned out really cute!

James was a bit of a perfectionist, a characteristic we both share. He is very very very good at art and so he painted his bowl all in the same directional strokes, took his time, and made a suh-weet bowl if I do say so myself! His passion for the Gators came through once again and some sweet little lady tapped me and said "Aaaah, a football lover I see." Haha, she has no idea! :)

I looooved how my cute little elephant turned out.I was trying to make something like this...

But I didn't have enough clay after the head for the legs. Plus, I am not an artist like my cute husband. So my turned out a little different. But I loved it so much and eeeveryone knew which one mine was, which was kind of a cool feeling! Right when I walked in, they were all like "Oooh, now the little elephant can get his paint job!" Haha And I didn't even have to label it again. The lady in charge was like "Don't worry. We all know which one is yours!" Sooo needless to say, I felt like a boss. I don't think it would have turned out as great though without James's help, so thank you for all your help baby!! :)

SOMEDAY I will get James to actually smile. I promise, he's got a good one.

Didn't his Florida Football bowl turn out amazing?! Look how smooth and fancy!!

We took a lot of pictures of everyone else for the stake or ward website but I figured they might not all want to be on some random girl's blog and it's not like I even know who they are, so I don't think you would either. But every seat was filled once again and I had to get a picture of how some of them turned out! Ana's and Holly's both turned out so cool! They splatter painted the insides!

I know you can't really see this little guy (we must've been in some bright lights!) but it was really cool to see them after they were fired up and everything! Picking colors was hard because I didn't want it to turn out too dark, but the whole thing was just a really fun experience. Now, we will get to go to the actual event and will get to have a little bowl, a little cup of soup, and a full heart. :)

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