Monday, October 28, 2013

i'm officially official.

[I have another post about our camping adventures waiting to have pictures snapped to them, but they're coming!!]

So in all of the hustle and bustle of getting ready for CAMPING this weekend

I almost forgot to add even MORE exciting news!!!

It's official!! Finally, (thank you government shutdown) I am now a resident of the sunny state of Florida!! Cheaper tickets to Universal Studios? We'll now take two thank you very much!! But even moooore exciting (if you can take anymore) I have proof that I am an Anderson!!  I know! It's pretty surreal! I live here now. Like soon, I won't have to drive back and forth down the streets looking for places I need to get to! And people will be like "Oh, yeah. She's an Anderson." After all, at church I am only know as either "Sister Anderson" or "James's wife." Haha Whoa. But! Very excitiiiing!

And ps, DMV workers hate their job everywhere. In case you were wondering.

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