Wednesday, October 30, 2013

trunk or treat in the [psych] ward.

The ward Trunk-Or-Treat was so much fun! We had a chili potluck (of course) and a little costume parade for the kids! Ana & I had been talking for a while about what we thought we should do to the car, and James had some ideas too, but in the end, we ran out of time. (That's typical for me though) So Ana was a go-getter and got some dollar store decoartions to put on it, and I think it turned out pretty awesome!

You can't see all the lights on it, and this was the only picture taken of the car. Besides this one.

The lights were much cooler in the dark, that's for sure. But it was fun! Zach & Ana had decorated pumpkins the night before so they put those by the car to add a little more spook! And yes, I was a hippie and it's the lamest costume ever. I know. But there was this whole situation with the costumes and so I wasn't going to dress up, but I decided a long time ago I was not going to be one of those people who doesn't get into the holidays. So LAST MINUTE, seriously, I decided to grab a few random things I've gathered over the years and go as a hippie...again. But it counts, right?

Anyway, on actual Halloween, James & I were in the middle of moving, so we weren't planning on doing too much. On the way home to Zach & Ana's house, I stopped by the store and got three bags of candy to pass out to little kids, including my faaaavorites....

Ooooh mama. My mouth is watering just looking at them. I grabbed a HUGE handful for myself before I set them out. In a way, it was kind of cool to think that I'm old enough to pass out candy. Like now I get to be the giver and maybe even "the neighborhood favorite house" someday. One can dream. Anyway, we'd set up the outside of the house and had the candy ready to go. The four of us ate dinner and then sat down to watch Beetlejuice (never saw it before, but now, I am scarred for life) and waited for the little ghosts & goblins (or more like princesses and cartoon characters) to come to our door...but they never came!! Not one! It was so depressed! I guess it didn't matter because James fell asleep like 30 minutes into the movie anyway.

Besides the kids totally letting me down this year, the other parts were pretty cute. I love big get-togethers and I look forward to every single ward party. And holidays for that matter. What can I say? I won't be a regular mom, I'll be the "cool mom."

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