Tuesday, October 8, 2013

a few of my favorite things.

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*Ok, so this is the less-appropriate display of what I was going for, but I think you get the idea...(plus, we all know I love How I Met Your Mother sooo I had to go with this)

I was thinking about my last post and I feel pretty guilty about it. My intention with this blog was to write all of the things that are going on with James & I, good or bad. I mean, it is really only my family and very best friends who even know this exists, so I didn't see a problem with it.


I still feel like I came off a little ungrateful. So. Here are a few of Ashley's Favorite Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings!!!!! Well, I mean, a few of my favorite things that I am really grateful for right now. Sorry, there won't be any free giveaways or anything....today.

1. Gummies. I love them. How could you not?! So yes, they make me smile and make everyday...sweet. *wink*
2. Cleaning. I'm so thankful my mom taught me the right way to clean. Especially now that I'm an adult and see how gross people can be. Sorry future kids, but even if it takes you all Saturday to clean the bathrooms, you're going to learn too. [Moving is the reason why this is included]
3. Ice cream!! I have had the weirdest craving for ice cream. Like....I think it might be my drug. Good thing I have number 13!
4. General Conference. I really don't think there is a church meeting I look forward to more than this....okay maybe the Presidency Christmas message. But every single time I listen with a question, it is answered. Without fail. I was so grateful for the messages last week and I can't believe how lucky I am to be a member of this church.
5. The Savior. And I guess the Atonement. I have never felt closer to the Savior than I have since I've moved here. I've been praying more because I've seen how much I am blessed and the comfort I get from knowing that my Savior went through everything I've been feeling and He is always listening and I feel when He puts His arms around me.
6. Date nights. Since we've been married, James & I have tried to have a date (alone or with a group) every Friday night. We've done a pretty great job and I think it's the best way to get him to unwind after a long week of work. I'm looking forward to getting to spend many more with him. I sure love that guy.
7. Roommates. I seriously LUCKED OUT when it came to roommates. I never had any that were rude or mean all the time, none that yelled or took forever in the showers or anything. In fact, some of my closest friends in the entire world were my roommates. Not to sound like a lesbian, but I seriously loved living with girls. We talked all night long, danced around, went out together, stayed in together...those memories are some that I cherish forever and I am so happy we were, and still are, that close.
8. The temple. That one was a no-brainer. I know for a fact I become a better person inside and afterward. I love love love going to the temple.
9. Jobs. I am so lucky to finally have a job! It will keep me busy, lets me make new friends, and gives allows me to make our new little place a home for us. I am sure blessed to have one in these times too and I don't take that for granted.
10. Snow. I NEVER thought I would say that I am grateful for snow. Every time I would slip when walking with someone, I cursed it. But after having it for the last four years, it feels like an autumn without at least the freezing temperatures are just not an autumn at all! And don't get me started on not having it for Thanksgiving & Christmas. :(
11. Pumpkins. And not so much to carve, but eeeeverything that is pumpkin flavored right now!! I look forward to this every year!!
12. Family. Again. This is a no-brainer. And not just the one I had to leave in California that I love more than anything in the whole world, but the one I am a part of here. The ones that are not judmental at all and like to spend time together and are making things sooo much easier and blessing my life tremendously. My family thanks you guys too. And! For the one that James & I will get to have someday. They are the ones I am most excited for.
13. Gyms. Thank goodness everyone convinced me to get one pretty much as soon as I got here. I have been going a LOT and I am feeling better & better. It's awesome to feel like a strong ox!....Well I mean I'm sure it will be. Once I get there. :)
14. Skype. Thank you, you beautiful piece of work. Now I can hang out with my loved ones from across the country!! Seriously. I'd DIE without you......Seriously.
15. Showers. And hot baths. I'm pretty sure there's nothing better than washing away your day or having a fresh start in the morning than with a hot shower..or bath. Mmm.
16. College. Specifically, BYU-Idaho. It's astonishing how much I miss college. I think about it every single day. I miss everything, everyone...everything about it. Yes! Even little Rexburg, with all its LDS, smallest college town charm. A word of advice? You soak in every single day. Whether it's the best or worst day ever--remember that this is the only time in your life you get to have these experiences. Pounding your head against the wall, studying until your eyes fall out, and then laughing about it the next day with your roommates who are going through the same thing. I miss it so much. I wish I could be in college forever.

Well, that was really fun!! It's great to count your blessings outloud every now & then. I really am so lucky for everything I have. I love that each day is my own. I can do whatever I want with it. And that, I will never take for granted.

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