Sunday, April 21, 2013


Well we finally made it to Idaho! We weren't supposed to be able to move into our apartment until the 20th so we were pretty frustrated, but it ended up being nice because we were able to run errands all around before moving in. After the Jones' let us sleep at the their house for a couple of nights, we were sure our apartment had been done getting scrubbed and cleaned up so we drove by to get a peek and sure enough! There was a little sign on our door! So James went into the manager's office to ask if we were allowed to at least move some stuff in there and the manager didn't even ask any questions, he just gave us the keys and quick tour so we knew were things were and what to mark on our check in sheet! And we were in!
First place together. Awww!
I was freakin excited we got to get in earlier!
 So for all of you who want to see it (Mom), here it is in all of it's glory. We live at the University Village, which is right across the street from my old apartment complex, the Ivy. We don't have anything put together yet, but I knew people would want to see kind of what it looked like.
Living room
Kitchen and dining area
Dining room
Bedroom one's closet

Bedroom one
Bedroom two
Bedroom two's closet
View of bedroom two (our room) from in the closet
Upstairs bathroom
(There is one downstairs, but is only the toilet & sink)
So that's it! I can't wait to post pictures of when it is all done and everything is set up and moved in! We are VERY excited to be living in a place just together where we can set things up and make a home together. It's going to be AWESOME having such a fun roommate by my side! :)

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