Sunday, April 14, 2013

last supper.

Well our time here in Texas is coming to a close. And since it is our last weekend in Texas, James's grandparents decided we should all go out to eat somewhere Saturday night. James is pretty easy-going and can eat anywhere, so he left it up to me, but I was reeeally craving some of these babies. 

I think we had like 4 baskets! I can't get enough, especially
of that honey butter. Ooooh man.

Plus, I know Grandma and Grandpa really like to eat there so it was a win-win for everyone to go to Texas Roadhouse!! I couldn't think of a better place to round out our time here than eating at one of our favorite restaurants in its original home state!! You can't get much more Texas than this place! James and I both pulled on our cowboy boots and headed out for SUCH a yummy, nice dinner. 

Yep folks. That is front row seating in a PACKED parking lot!
It pays to circle around a couple times!

Besides the fact that we love hanging out with his grandparents, it was so great because it was Prom Night (!!!!) and so there were all these couples sitting behind us [a HUGE group] and they all looked so beautiful and handsome. It got James and I talking about high school and James told me he didn't go to either of his proms!!! I was shocked because I looooved the dances at our high school. They were so much fun and I loved going out to eat and then being with my friends!! But here I was telling him how awesome it was and that I felt so sad for him that he missed out, and he replied "It was more of the cool thing not to go to our senior prom. We went out and did other fun stuff instead!" I couldn't think of anything more awesome than prom, but then again, I guess it all depends on where you grew up. It was a nice trip back down memory lane for both of us.

I'm in the coral dress that my mom took extra material from to sew on some decent sleeve coverage. I love her so much.

This is how I imagine James would have looked had he actually gone. I'm sure all the girls were hoping they'd ask him, but of course, he chose the water. [He did go to homecoming though AND was even on the court!!! He said he lost to an awesome black guy. Haha I feel even cooler being married to him now] He sure would've been handsome though!! What a heartbreaker. Those poor girls.

Anyway, The other funny part was that grandpa totally made friends with who we think was the UNT football coach sitting beside us!! We think he was at a scouting dinner and he offered us an extra $50 if we switched checks with him. Haha He was so hilarious and I don't think there is any more contagious laugh than when Grandma & Granpa laugh. I literally am in tears every time they laugh with each other. They hardly breathe! I giggled just thinking about it. We sure have been blessed to live down here with them and we are going to miss them terribly. How could you not!? We love them so much and will never be able to thank them enough. I am beyond blessed to be a part of this family. What a perfect way to end the era.

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