Tuesday, April 9, 2013

cabin. (day two)

Day Two was boating day!!!

Well Aunt Wanda, Bruce, Holly, Grandma and I all went this super cute fudge shop first! It was adorable and there were so many goodies there! All the fudge was homemade and she had all kinds of candy set up all around. We bought some cookie cutters, some cookie and other mixes, and [my FAVORITE] some of the Bean Boozled Jelly Belly beans!! There are jelly beans that look exactly the same except one is sweet and the other is HORRIBLE. Grandma got James his own package while Aunt Wanda bought some for the kids. She had them sitting out in a bowl casually for people to eat. Christopher was the first victim. He came down after his shower and took some to eat while we watched a bit of conference. The first couple were sweet and he had no idea. But then, it hit him. His face was priceless and he kept choking and spitting it out! Aunt Wanda & I were laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes. Everyone was cracking up. When James came back with all the teenagers from Walmart, they slowly caught on and I had James try every single one. DISGUSTING. He refused to eat the moldy cheese one but barf and rotten egg actually had him running to the trash can. It was the most hilarious moment in my life. He did say baby wipes took out the flavor of his barf one so that was good. And he did get to taste a couple sweet ones first. But I took one sniff of the canned dog food and I almost threw up. Picture the worst, most rotten roast beef dinner you could have and that's still pretty mild. BLECH.

Then we had a reservation from 12-4pm that Aunt Wanda set up for all of us to take a pontoon out on the water and go fishing! Holly, James, and Wanda all made and packed up sub sandwiches, chips, muffins, and drinks and we were off! James was the cute captain of the boat and we stopped at a few spots to go fishing....with live worms. To any normal human being, like the family, that is nothing ordinary. But for a girl who is not only totally freaked out by bugs, but has never been real fishing in her life, it was beyond bizarre. Everyone was so casual about digging the worms out of the dirt-filled containers and stabbing them to death with hooks...I thought I was going to faint. But! In my defense [since I know I sound like the worst girly girl ever] Savannah put a worm right next to me while she played with it and I didn't move. I stared, but I didn't move. So..ya know.

 Although we didn't catch anything, we did almost lose a fishing pole...and then really lost one. So I feel a little bad for the fishes that come across that in the water. They have to all just be like

James was super cute though. He was helping everyone out, and even took the Barbie fishing pole like a man so everyone else could still enjoy the other poles after we were down one. It was actually super adorable watching him set up this little tiny pink fishing pole and but sitting by the boat looking so serious. I sure love him!

Doing what he knows best!
Then of course after the boat ride was over, we went home and relaxed or hiked (again) and that was pretty awesome. Then we played some games and made a fire and soaked up the hot tub. It was a pretty great day, and Grandma even fried us up some fish so we felt like champions. Haha I love family trips.

I love my sweet fisherman.

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