Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I didn't get to blog about our fun day yesterday!

First of all, James's mom & dad are HERE!! In Texas!! I love them to death. They are so much fun and having them here has been so great. I will be so excited when we are all together in the great state of Florida. We also have James's cousin, Christopher, visiting here all the way from New York!! Needless to say, it's been a pretty fun week so far.

So apparently, I have been missing out my entire life because I had never been to this place. James had told me all about it before, and said we had to go before we left, but I didn't think we would get around to it. So once we had everyone here, of course we planned a trip to Babe's! And, was it good. Everything there is so funny! From the decor and the signs, to the menus (which only really have the different types of chicken--fried, grilled, and maybe 2 other types) to the bathrooms. All of it was just fun to even look at!

What you do is pay for the plate of chicken, which is GINORMOUS (about $12/plate) and then they just keep bringing you the sides. Creamed corn, green beans (maybe the best I've ever had), mashed potatoes, biscuits (with homemade honey) and white gravy to douse anything you want!

This is what was left of helping number two.
But it was so great to be able to have such a nice, fun dinner with our families. Everyone was stuffed silly and we had the best time catching up and cracking up. We had about 13 people there: the Wawros, the other Wawros, Grandma, Christopher, and the Andersons. :)
The cousins :)
...aaand some other guy. We called him Uncle Si.
THEN! One of the most fun things happened! We told them that both James and Christopher had just had their birthdays and they should sing to them. But the waitress didn't seem to pay too much attention to that and just asked us if we needed anything else. Which was fine, I just assumed they only sing on your actual birthday so I didn't think they would.....But I was wrong. And they totally did. And they put the chicken heads right on top of them. So funny.
The birthday boys!
Lovin the new hat...kinda.
Who knows where that's been. Haha
Sooo much food

It was fun celebrating with you Uncle Si!
Let's just say I'll make more of a serious effort next time we come back to Texas to go here. And if I was going to be anywhere during a crisis, this would be the place. No one would ever starve. And if you are ever in Sanger, hit it up! You will not be disappointed!

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