Tuesday, April 9, 2013

cabin. (day one)

This weekend was SO. Much. Fun!! [In fact, so much so that I'm going to have to split it up into parts!] Aunt Wanda arranged a big family trip two years ago with her girls and then invited more people last year and even more people came this year! We loaded up 3 cars and took them up to Broken Bow, Oklahoma (where the wind comes sweeping!....You know you were thinkin it) where in fact all I could think of was this.

There were 13 of us, representing about 6 different states because James's parents were here from Florida and Christopher was down from New York! 

The first day was pretty much just unwinding, unpacking, exploring, and walking around, looking at all the different cabins around us. And did I mention that our cabin was gorgeous? It was definitely a cabin since every single thing was made out of wood, but it was just so nice and well-kept. There was so much space and every room was HUGE! Which was perfect since there were so many of us! And let me tell you, Grandma and Aunt Wanda STOCKED that kitchen. No one ever was hungry EVER during the trip. We had more food than we could eat actually, but with Grandma Betty's cooking, you know it was good. The menus included Crispy French Toast, Chicken & Fish Fry, Dirt Pudding, and Spaghetti with garlic bread and homemade meatballs....I know, stop drooling.

And as a side note, let me just tell you, I had no idea my handsome husband was a secret champion horseshoe player! But he was doing so great and kept hitting the targets! He beat everyone...typical. But it was funny to watch all the spectators get flustered when the mud came sploshing onto the porch. But no one gets mad at James. Like ever. So it was just funny.

Then, because James's mom Holly and I love to get our exercise in, we were going to walk around the grounds and look at the other cabins and the scenery. And everyone wanted to join us!! The more, the merrier! So we went our and explored.
Totally not our cabin. But who could resist!?
And of course, don't forget the hot tub that was ready any time we wanted right next to the porch. We spent every night marinating in there. Sooo nice and relaxing.
Grandma, Paige, Savannah, Holly, and Wanda. Awww!
Also among our luxeries was an upstairs pool table! The teenagers (I can't believe I just admitted I'm not one anymore) spent most of their time dominating one another up there. And all the bedrooms had flatscreens in them so they could sit on the bed and play card games during General Conference. Told you, sweet right?! 
And that was about it for Day One. Not a bad way to start the day if I do say so myself. 

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