Saturday, July 6, 2013


Fourth of July this year was very low key for the Andersons. I usually LOVE to go all out on the Fourth (it's my third favorite holiday!) and wanted to do a themed breakfast, lunch, and dinner, dress up together, put up fun decorations....I didn't do any of that. This year, we were just so burned out that we didn't make a whole lot of plans. Plus, it was on a Thursday so it was weird to have school through the week, take ONE day off and have fun, then go back to school for one day before getting to have the weekend. Random. BUT! We did wake up nice and early for the parade in Rexburg that goes all throughout Main Street and beyond and that was really fun! We actually found decent parking AND we were up and close to the tail end! We didn't have to squish shoulder to shoulder with sweaty strangers or sticky kids! It was awesome. They also had vendors all along the park so we had a good time walking around there. Oh! And I even caught James a backpack (the cinch kind) and James caught us some Otter Pops, so we were feeling pretty awesome.
Part one of the day: both VERY festive, but I was a hot mess (literally)
 The parade was really cute. They had a few different LDS ones, made by different stakes, which was REALLY different. Only in Rexburg! Haha They had a temple one and a couple on families. It was cool! And they had every kind of float you could imagine: floats with music, floats that moved, floats that were sets, ones that sprayed you with water, ones that sprayed you with candy--everything! Along with the LITTLE dancing girls (their routine was a-freaking-dorable), my favorite part were the cute little old men that marched in different places.
I always think this girl is me. It's not.
 James thought the hot rods and the tractors were pretty cool. One guy even was pulling a trailer with his muscles! Crazy. But it made a point!

 After the parade, we went home and ate and got showered and ready. It was too early for me to shower before so I got cute after. Are the any pictures of THAT? Of course not.

We went to a family's house from James's mission and brought our little Jacob son with us, since he served there too. Plus, their companion is married to their daughter. We had BBQ chicken & hot dogs and were waiting for the extended family members to get there so that we could start the real fun...

I love Idaho. Backyards are SO much better with tons of grass and no fence!
Goes on for miles it seems!
Part two: Everyone so NOT festive, but showered!
The BEST part of the whole thing was aaaaallllll the stuff we blew up. Oh yeah. That's right. We blew stuff up. No big deal. I would LOVE to post one of the videos, but I have no idea how to upload anything from an iphone that is not a picture. Soooo if anyone wants to tell me, it would be awesome.

But we blew up buckets, bottles, fruit, pretty much anything we could find. Quite a few times, we got things to blow SKY HIGH. It was so cool. We launched things the entire day. All from homemade little bombs they bought from someone. It was so cool. My inner boy came out and was LOVING it.

Then we watched some fireworks out in the front and played with lots of different fire crackers. The kids were having so much fun with it. We all sat and watched them from the swings, which was actually my favorite moment of the ENTIRE day. James sat between Jacob and I and James had little Hyrum on his lap and he & Jacob just made that little guy laugh & laugh & laugh. It was THE cutest thing I have ever seen. James has always had a soft spot for Hyrum. He is so tiny and cute! It's no wonder! But I was snuggled up next to my hubby with his head resting on mine and as I was watching all the fireworks, I had a peek into what it will be like a few years down the road with OUR little family. The huge feeling of excitement and happiness and peace all came over me at the same time. It was the most perfect moment I could have hoped for.

The whole say was really amazing. I love the Fourth of July. The fireworks, the family & friends, the patriotism that everyone supports with their colorful displays of red, white, & blue all around...I just love it. I already am looking forward to next year when hopefully, that little daydream of mine will be a little closer to a reality. I looooove this country and everything it was built upon. America the beautiful. No better words ever written. I hope everyone had as much fun that day as we did!!! Happy Fourth of July everyone!!

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