Saturday, July 20, 2013


There is one thing that I will miss so so much about living here...and especially about where we live in Rexburg.

This is the ACTUAL distance from our bedroom to the temple. 

The temple. The one time we will ever be a VERY short walk away from it. It gave me peace as I fell asleep at night and was always so bright & shiny in the morning, like it was happy & ready to start the day, telling me that was how I should be. It was the one thing that I always saw driving to school that just seemed to say, "Yep! Here I am! You're almost here for a whole new semester again!" I was always SO happy and relieved to see it as I was coming down the hill to Rexburg. It's sad to think that for the rest of my life, there will NEVER again be a temple THAT close to my windows, happily perched up there watching James & I live our lives. It made me feel safe and home, as Rexburg always does, and I know for a FACT I did not take advantage of such a wonderful blessing enough. Excuses excuses. I am always going to think of it and how much it blessed James & I in our first home together when we were newlyweds and all the adventures it prepped me for. I guess it's really true...I love to see the temple.

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