Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Con-grad-ulations to us!!

It's official folks! The Andersons are DONE. 4 years for me, 2 years for my sweetheart. James graduated with his "Associates of Applied Science in Architectural Technology" (Construction Management) and I have my "Bachelor of Science in Business & Communication." Whoo. Those are mouthfuls!

It was so beyond awesome that I got to graduate right along side my BEST friends and have my family and other best friends, and my super hot husband, watching me. It truly made the whole day for me. Katie & I probably did not stop laughing throughout the entire ceremony and my friends helped me in what could have been a always. [Apparently, you are required to go to Grad Night to pick up your cap and gown-which I had-and your name card. Whoops] Typical.

Graduation itself was pretty great. Actually, I sat next to my friends AJ & Tracy during the commencement and I will say....we had to keep each other awake.  And yes, I didn't fall asleep for a moment. And then afterwards, I waited & waited for everyone to come get me in the gym but they never came! So I finally figured out I had to go to the Hart auditorium for my actual walking and low & behold, there they all were, sitting pretty. My frustration quickly melted away when I saw their cute excited faces and the rest was all great from there (ok, minus that one minor freak out about my lack of a name card, but that's what my friends are for!) It was all a little...not like I dreamed. It went by nice & slow and I remember all the parts perfectly. I was so focused on my closest friends and my awesome family that I just had the time of my life. And the pictures afterward were pretty fun, I won't lie.

The absolute best part of graduation was having my family up in Idaho with me. FINALLY. Every single time my mom was here, I feel like I was so awful because I was under so much stress. But this was my chance to make it up and show my family how much they meant to me and how grateful I was that they gave me the opportunity to go to college. They helped me so much all throughout my years here. It was a dream come true for me to be able to take them around my stomping grounds and show them who I had become and how I got there. It's something I will truly treasure for the rest of my life.

The point is that another major milestone has been checked off the ole bucket list for James and I. I can't believe how much I am already missing it. With the next chapter in our lives quickly approaching, I am constantly thinking of my time at BYU-Idaho. I am so glad that my second year here, I made the decision to really soak in college. Everyone says that your college years are your best. Now, I don't know if that's true or not (I'm sure motherhood is going to come pretty darn close) but I was going to find out for myself one way or another. And I will always be so grateful for that. Because college was honestly amazing. The people who became family, the classrooms that become second homes, and the lessons I learned inside and outside of the classroom. I am so proud of James & I. He's my hero and I have to say...I'm pretty impressed with myself too.

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