Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Alright people. I get it. The next step in life is to have babies and be a cute mom, I know I know. BUT. James & I will not be having kids until we are settled somewhere (preferably in a house) and in a routine of some sort. I'm thinking at the EARLIEST, it would be a year. Ok? Ok.

So now that that is settled, I want to address the baby fever all around me. With the birth of my ADORABLE niece, Ava Bell...

...Yes, I know. Swoon right?! But with her birth, I was just a teeny tiny bit wishing I could be preggers with my sister when I realized how many people are actually having babies. I was invited to not one, not two, not five, but EIGHT BABY SHOWERS this semester. You read that right. EIGHT. Insane right?!? Those along with the like 6 different wedding announcements we got are clustering all around our fridge.

It actually makes me feel kind of awesome! Except, I wasn't very nice (or rich) and have only gone to like two.

It's actually really awesome having so many pregnant friends because I live every single different kind of scenario through them! I can hear all the good, the bad, and the very ugly. (And of course I don't mean anything but the "awesome" morning sickness)

My poor sissy was gigantic and swollen, pretty much where my friend Katie is now and so now that one is born, I'm just waiting on the ole boss woman's to get outta there! Haha Everyone will be SUCH fun moms and dads. I seriously love my friends. And my amazing mother of a sister. So excited. And excited that SOMEDAY, James will get a chance to be the cutest daddy I know. :)

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