Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I am literally THE worst road trip partner in the world.

I don't know when this happened, but it literally cannot stay awake in the car for longer than, at the MOST, like 2 hours. Then I am out like a light. I am serious. Like I think it's going to be serious trouble when we are driving our kids around to fall asleep someday. I will NEVER be able to make it.

But the drive was actually MUCH more fun than I was expecting. Granted, yes. I did sleep through most of it. But we started out by listening to the cds I got for Christmas that have been nestled in my "room" at home, gathering dust. Poor Josh Turner. And I have to say, the drive? UGLY. There is a whole lot of nothing between here and there. But James and I were both in really great moods the whole time and I was texting my family along the way.

AND! In the days prior, James literally took care of every. Single. Thing. He looked up and compared moving truck prices, he fixed the car, he bought and packed ALL of the boxes, set them up in the garage, picked up the furniture from my sisters and my parents' house and assorted it nicely in the garage, ran errands, got groceries...I mean the list goes on and on. That's the kind of man I married.

We both felt a little guilty--I offered to help, but knew I would probably more get in his way so I tried to list and plan as many things to do in California as I could. But James was so busy with moving and getting all of the little (and big) things done that the list items just kept getting pushed further and further back until eventually, we did almost none of them at all!

But it was a REALLY nice vacation. In fact, I will save that for it's own post because there are LOTS of pictures to share. Highlights for me? Meeting my SWEET little niece for the first time, having James get comfortable enough with everyone (...in fact, maybe too comfortable. Haha) and finally having some time to relax with my amazing family. I don't even think about what it will be like without them right in the same house or down the street. It will depress me.

So here we are, having officially made it to Albuquerque. We are staying in this nice little hotel and the hubster and I are just snuggled in, ready for a loooong nap. Well. At least he is. I think we all know I am well rested. :)

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