Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I freakishly love when James has days off work. 

I've been especially lucky this week because I really was beginning to miss him more than usual and my secret wishes came true! We got a long weekend together (he didn't have to work!) and we woke up together every morning (instead of the usual kiss goodbye before he leaves when I fall asleep & wake up in a panic that I slept the day away) 

Anyway, Saturday, we went with his grandma & grandpa down to...actually, I'm new here. So that's my excuse for having no clue where we were. But it was time to give up my fatty old purse (boy was it harder than I'd ever admit) and my sweet little hubby got me this awesome new one! This place called Sam Moon had EVERY purse, wallet, belt, and accessory you could ever want!! As hopefully you can tell from this picture.

New home, new places to shop!!
He picked out this purse AND the sunglasses! I LOVE them!
The line for the gun show, also going AROUND the corner!
That's Texas for ya!

Then we got YUMMY sundae desserts at Braum's (it's like their Dairy Queen! But cheaper!) and I thought I could die of happiness. It was sooo good. Saturday, we ran errands which, until I had James, was never ever ever fun. But he makes everything feel like a fun adventure! Seriously! I love it. And I love getting to spend time with him doing anything. He's such a great shopping partner. Sunday was family dinner, and I love that they all do that together here. I love seeing everyone and eating together and catching up. I hope that's something that we carry on with our kids and families.

All in all, it was SUCH a fun weekend and I can't wait for so many more! So excited to be here!

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