Monday, February 4, 2013


SPOILER ALERT: This is going to be one cheesy, lovey-dovey post.

There are so many little things I am already loving about being married to James. I'm gonna share them, but don't you dare tell James. I don't want to be responsible for his man card.

Feet snuggling, even when we are sleeping.
Getting kissed every morning before he leaves for work.
Watching a show together before we go to sleep.
Working things out together, like finances and plans for the day.
Running errands was NEVER as fun as it is with James.
Planning and buying for our apartment together.
Making each other laugh until it hurts.
Talking about our future kids like they already exist
Holding hands in the middle of the night
When he cooks me breakfast Sunday mornings so I can get ready
Grocery shopping
Accomplishing the massive amounts of James's homework together
Wrestling...we fight dirty.
Having someone who knows how to fix something instead of buying a new one.
[Ice cream] Date nights.
Being "Brother & Sister Anderson" at church (and when people ask me about "my husband")
Sunday naps outside together
When he brushes my hair and lets me pluck his eyebrows (that's a real man)
When we are both so tired that everything is funny
Spoiling each other rotten

Get married. It's fun. 

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