Monday, January 7, 2013


Well it’s true folks! It finally happened! We tied the knot! And it was the best decision we ever made.

Every day leading up to the wedding day was kind of a mess. I was stressed, James was stressed, we both had school & jobs to worry about, plus my poor parents could hardly ever get a hold of me.

Even the day before was rough. We had no flowers, dirty table cloths, and we couldn't get a basketball hoop up because the lock was stuck and the only person with a key wasn't showing up for hours. And I was no help. My attention was being pulled 5 different ways during decorating at any time so it was hard to get a straight answer from me. I felt so bad. BUT. We did have a little miracle: everyone had left since we were stuck until we got the hoop up except my dad, mom, James's mom, me, and my sisters Qiarra & Rachel. So we were all pretty frustrated and decided to say a prayer...I'm not kidding you on this next part...literally 7 seconds after we finished, the man with the key walked in a fixed it. Like he'd just been waiting for his cue or something. It was AWESOME. So I knew someone was watching out for us.

And I did end up getting a little girl time after a day of decorating and that made the night much better. Then, finally it was WEDDING DAY! And every stress melted right away. I told James NOTHING would stop us from enjoying our day.

And theeen the poor guy got the flu. Yes. On the day of his wedding.

The temple was great! We took amazing pictures with all of our friends and family and he looked just as handsome as ever. And the reception was absolutely beautiful! James was such a trooper and stuck it out as much as he could. It meant so much to me that he tried so hard. But it just kept getting worse. So I was so thankful when our families snuck out together to give him a blessing and then told us it was okay to cut out early. I know James felt so awful, which made my heart break for him, but it really made me see what a caring and sweet person he was to care so much about me & our friends and family. We even got to take some pictures with people and of cutting the cake and he put on a brave face for all of it. But honestly, I was so happy to go and take care of him. His sweet mom kept saying “he has his new wife to take care of him. He’s going to be fine.” It was kind of empowering! That’s all I wanted to do all night was try to make him feel comfortable so he could feel better.

So we had my sparkler exit and left for San Diego and poor James went right to bed. Afterward, we were talking in the car about how we hoped so much that everyone would stay and enjoy it so it wasn't all a waste. And of course, the awesome people in our lives kept the party going. We were sooo happy.

Everyone keeps talking about how great it was that I could leave my reception early and how having a sick husband would have ruined their day. But I would make the same decision a billion times over. There is no way I was going to make my sweet husband suffer because I wanted to stay. There wasn’t even another option in my mind, no brainer. Nothing like that ever even crossed my mind. But it also showed me how right James is for me and how much I really do love him. Marriage is all about putting your other first! James is my best friend in the entire world. I only want him to be so happy and I will do absolutely anything & everything to make that happen.

I am so happy to be married to him and we both agree that being married is a thousand times better than being engaged or dating. I am loving every millisecond of it! But he is waking up so I'm going to try to get him a little something to eat. Ps: have I mentioned, I'm James's wife now and how much I LOVE the sound of that?!

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