Saturday, January 12, 2013


Our honeymoon was…well..not exactly what most people think of when they hear “honeymoon.” But! Still nice to have a little getaway and ESPECIALLY to have time just with each other. Ours came in parts.

Part One.

We rode down to San Diego where James had booked a really pretty hotel! It had an amazing view right alongside a marina with a garden and another marina in the back. But poor James barely got to enjoy any of it. He could hardly move and his stomach was killing him. I tried to scratch his back and get him to eat or take medicine but I also went on a couple walks or would do something in our hotel.

The Marina right behind our hotel!

Actually, the best part for me was when James wanted to get himself doing something to take his mind off of his stomach so we decided to play some online games. It. Was. So. Fun! He actually made me laugh so hard that I cried. That’s just James. Still making my day even though he was at his worst.

Part Two.

James & I had talked about taking him to the doctor, but he kept putting it off. Finally though, that just wasn’t an option and he decided he did not want to be paying for a hotel room he had cabin fever in any longer. So we packed up and checked out a couple days early. James took me first to these little tide pools off the coast and we walked around there for a little.


Then we went to this awesome lighthouse that was really cool! It was almost like a museum! But eventually, James was just not feeling it (I could tell, he would never say that if he thought I was enjoying myself) so we left and went back to my parents’ house. My little sister Rachel, her husband Blair, and their friend Big Mike all were there and Rachel was especially excited to see us. But eventually, they had to leave and my mom woke up so I entertained her & Qiarra while James took a nice peaceful nap.

Over the next couple days, I tried to load James up on medicine and we mostly just hung out with my family and ran errands. And we opened our awesome gifts! And he got a little bit better each day. Eventually, we all went to Big Bear to tube down the slides with my mom and sister. That was pretty fun and I’ve never enjoyed myself in the snow as much as I did then, cracking up with James and tubing right beside him. He was so cute. We got there only an hour before they closed (yeah, that’s a story in itself. Chains, food, traffic, snow storms like I’ve never seen, cars sliding around. It was a mess) which was lucky because James wasn’t prepared for how cold his feet would get in his Sperry’s.

IMG_1649PicMonkey Collage

I sure love this man.
The next morning, we left for Texas! James will be going back to work for his uncle’s custom building company, Design Classics, and I will be fulfilling my internship requirements so we can graduate after our last semester this spring. I’m so excited!

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