Friday, March 20, 2015

baby a : week seven

I always see my friends posting answers to a “pregnancy questionnaire” on their blogs and I love that idea! I'm hoping to make a baby book/journal for Baby A someday and that seems like a great way to compile all the facts and stats. And it's such a cute way to keep track of all the fun things that happen each week. So (of course) I googled some...and all the ones I saw were basically all the same. That makes this indecisive girl pretty happy! ;)

So without further ado, here is my pregnancy questionnaire....

Classic bathroom tummy picture.
Sadly, nothin to see here {yet} folks.

How far along? 7 weeks 6 days as of today

How big is baby? Our little one is the size of a blueberry! How cute!

Maternity clothes? Nope. I don’t exactly show yet, so I still fit into everything and I haven’t had the need for a new wardrobe. However, maternity clothes seem sooo comfy that it's pretty hard to resist!

Stretch marks? Not yet. Oh gosh. I’m praying I have none. I know, I know. Genetics, But! I’ve been putting lotion on every day for years, so I’m hoping my skin is soft/stretchy enough to buy me some time to get some oils or creams! (I’m open to suggestions!) and maybe I can fight them off....I hope that's not irrational thinking....

Sleep? All. The. Time. I’m always tired! Even if I just woke up, I already need another nap. Haha I’m getting in as much as I can now because we all know once this little person comes along, I can kiss sleep goodbye! :)

Best moment this week? Telling James he was going to be a daddy. I couldn't wait until his birthday. That was something I’ll never ever forget. (Separate post I will link here later)

Movement? Sadly, no movement from our cutie pie. I know it’s just too early, but I can't wait for that moment!

Food cravings? Hmm, I’m not really craving anything! I’m at a point that everything sounds good. And when something sounds good, I need it!

Food aversions? Not really any of these right now either! It’s the same kind of thing—I don’t really notice food until I smell it and all the sudden, I either get nauseous or hungry! Haha  I think it’s too early.

Gender? Psh. No idea. But I just want to buy all the baby clothes! ;)

Labor signs? No way! And I better not have any for a looong time!

Belly button in/out? In

What I miss: Well...I don’t feel like there’s much that’s changed yet! I guess I miss not being tired and not having to pee 24/7? But hey, if that means I get a baby at the end of it, I’ll take it!

What I am looking forward to: Our next appointment and watching this baby grow!

Milestones: Well, I’M PREGNANT! I'd say that's pretty big news!! This is just the most fun adventure ever!!

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