Tuesday, September 10, 2013

empty bowls.

There is this fabulous project they do here in Florida. It's called "Empty Bowls" and I was so excited that James & I (and his family) got to be a part of it!

“Empty Bowls” is an international project to fight hunger. Here's what basically happens: clay bowls are created & personalized by community members, or "artists" as they like to call them, and art organizations on a community level. The bowls are made, painted, and then auctioned at the main event where they are filled with a small cup of soup (donated by local restaurants) and accompanied by a chunk of bread & a bottle of water. The empty bowls are to remind us about the hunger that is going on in our communities. The money goes directly to our community (not the organization, not any other community) for that specific reason.

Tonight, we got to participate in part one. We were given a big hunk of clay and tools to make any bowl we could dream up. I had seen one online (yes, I did my research for inspiration) that looked like an elephant and the bowl made up his back. I wanted to make something like it so I turned my bowl into this!!

It was actually a lot of fun to do and it was awesome I got to play with clay for charity! Plus it was free. I mean, you really can't beat that. And we got to do it together as a family! Some got a little frustrated, but I think everyone's turned out beautifully!

This is the bowl that James made (on his third attempt). James is really really artistic. I mean, he is super talented. So his first attempt looked like a cool shoe, but he wanted it to be a banana. So he started over. The second one was better, but not perfect according to him. So he ended up with this one. I think it makes a fantastic taco bowl. :)

I was really happy that so many people came! The place was PACKED!! We had to steal chairs to even sit down!

Everyone's finished products...don't you think they turned out awesome!? Plus, when James was done with his, he helped me perfect mine! I love crafting with such an art-east! Plus, we got Dairy Queen afterwards, so you KNOW it was a great night. (Cookie Dough Blizzard? BEST way to top off the day.)

 Here is our final product! Let's hope it goes for some BIG money!!

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