Saturday, September 21, 2013

go gators!

Ok. You caught me. I'm not the biggest sports fan, mostly because I don't play them and sometimes I get bored. But! I married a sports fan, so that had to change. And to my credit, I do love to do other fun things for games: I rock an outfit in team colors, I like to have game-themed food, and if everyone else is super into it, I get into it too!

So the four of us went over to Ana's friend Sarah's house to watch the Gator game and it was actually fun! I made sure both of us looked the part before we went...

(Yes, James had to let me borrow one of his t-shirts) and we had awesome food--Ana made a chicken pot pie dish and Sarah had made all these yummy appetizers!! I don't even remember if we ended up winning or losing (I know!! I'm terrible!!!) but I do remember playing BananaGrams and Monopoly Deal afterwards, and how much fun that was! That part of the night made me laugh so hard. And I loved getting to know Sarah even more and having everyone chat together over two competitive games! That is my kind of game night. :)

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