Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Today, James and I went to the Dallas for the first time ever! Neither of us had been there before so it was pretty cool.

It was FREEZING cold and so windy!! Jeez louise!
We tried many a time to get a decent picture!!
Oh well. Haha My running nose aside, he's handsome. That's all that counts.
Goodbye ring! :(
Such a pretty temple.

Also cool is the fact that I was "Sister Anderson" everywhere I went! "Hello, Sister Anderson." "Right this way, Sister Anderson." "Do you need help, Sister Anderson?" And I sure did!

It was a little strange going all by myself. The only other time I had been that far in the temple was for my endowments, then for the wedding. Both of which had family members as close as the secret service. So that was weird.

And, this is so lame to say outloud, but I was already missing James! In the like 45 minutes I was away from him, I was already excited to see him again! Haha But it was awesome to get to spend that special time with him and have that experience together. I am already looking forward to the next time!

After the temple, we went to the mall to drop off my ring to get soldered. It was so sad to say goodbye to it. My finger has been so so lonely. And it was also weird to see it in the case at Ben Bridges! Oh great. Now it'll be all over everyone's finger!...Well at least mine has a little ding in it. I think it adds character. Plus it's already been through a wedding. BAM.....Anyway, it won't be ready for two weeks so let's see if I can squuueeeeze my chubby baby fingers into my first beauty one more time!

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