Sunday, July 6, 2014

home of the brave.

I hope everyone had the BEST fourth of July weekend! How awesome is it that it fell on a Friday?! YAY for not having to go back to routine weekday life tomorrow!!

This year, our fourth of July came in two parts. Part one was at James's parents' house. We had a nice BBQ there with TONS of food-potato salad, chips, beans, burgers, hot dogs...and of course, desserts. Every holiday must have yummy desserts. It's a rule!

I was in charge of making some star spangled cupcakes (I LOVE getting dessert assignments!) It was also Zach's dad's birthday, so I wanted to make sure they were that much more spectacular than just regular, boring, everyday cupcakes....but they weren't. I think they were just alright. I made marshmallow frosting from scratch, but didn't take into account that I now live in Florida., and it melted on the way to their house.

His mom also made that fabulous fruit pizza! And yes, it was just as delicious as it looked.

Then came part two. We headed over to Greg & Tammy's (aka: The Party House) for another BBQ, some swimming, eating, chatting, and of course, some World Cup watching. And did I mention eating?

I also got to spend some quality time with my favorite little buddy. His first one!

But one of the most FUN parts was the fireworks. Of course! They gave everyone glow sticks and let the kids stay (and take them) in the pool while the fireworks were going off. 

We can NEVER get a good night shot. Dumb blur. :/
I do not know why it looks like I have braces, but I have so much fun with this guy.
I couldn't help but put this picture up!

But our firework show started off...with a bang I guess you could say. I was SO lucky to be taking a video right at the right moment! Talk about a fail! But it sure was hilarious and now you get to see it too!

We hope everyone else had a very safe Fourth of July!! I love this holiday. It gives me the chance to show off my country pride! I am so grateful for all of the sacrifices that went into getting this country where it is today. I count my blessings I live in a place where I have the freedom to be who I am. I am so grateful for every soldier who ever bravely faced their worst nightmares so that I can live freely. Their sacrifices will never be forgotten. I am thankful for presidents up until now who have shown courage to stand against our enemies and unite us and live for the good of the people. I definitely don't agree with our president now, but as the leader of this great nation, I sure say a lot of prayers in his behalf. I am grateful for the music of those who are able to put my feeling about my country into beautiful songs that touch my heart every time I get the chance to hear them. I am just so thankful to live in such a beautiful country that I get to live in every single day. I truly feel so blessed every single day. I'll defend it until the day I die. So HAPPY AMERICA DAY everyone! I hope you're just as proud to be an American as I am! Love you all! 

xoxo, the Andersons

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