Monday, April 28, 2014

healthy & happy.

A lot of people have been seeing and commenting about how I have been going to "Boot Camp" since December. [Ps-all of the posts on my ole Facebook are because we are supposed to check in & be accountable and sometimes we can win stuff if we have the most!] Some people (like James's sweet grandma) have told me how I actually do look like I'm getting more fit, to which I will just about hug them to death.

But it's been a little difficult personally because I'm one of those silly minded people who think they will see immediate results. So. Not. The case. It's not that I am not seeing or feeling results, because that's a whole different story. I actually see my muscles starting to grow in my legs and calves. My arms are really weak, probably even the weakest part of my body, but even those are getting stronger. It's much slower than I would like, but it's working! That's what matters!

My problem is my abs & "love handles," and I know I am not getting results for two reasons: my diet & my lack of running. I hate running. Especially in this hot hot weather. But almost every single person in my class runs at least a couple of times a week. They are champs. They all do mud runs and fun runs and 5Ks and everything! And then there's little ole me. Who makes it three times a week to class, if that. I am in charge of Faith in God activities every other week and it's really hard to make both, so I skip Wednesdays every other week, which is even more lame because Wednesdays are PARK DAYS, when we go work out at a local park. Look at what I am missing. Tsk tsk.

But it's such a good feeling to get my exercise in. I'm pretty proud of myself and how far I've come since December. It's definitely a slooooow process, but I'm a work in progress.

Now sticking to an actual diet is hard! I feel like it really limits all of the yummy food this world has to offer! I was doing well and really trying to count my calories for a while, but it was just awful for me. I tried to eat the same exact things for lunch and breakfast and it was just miserable. Everything lost its flavor and was not exciting. It was working, and I was doing great calorie-wise, but it took all the enjoyment out of food altogether.

But now, I am trying to really stick to a new, happier, healthier way of eating. Just making healthier food choices. Small desserts, fresh foods from our garden, and eating a good breakfast every single morning to kick start the day have really been doing me good. 

In fact, today I was able to complete the entire white board. My trainer puts these up for us to do when she can't make it (she's a wife & a mom too! Seriously my inspiration!) and usually, I get through about half or three-quarters because I have to stop so much from getting so winded! It's hard work! But I got through every single thing today AND threw in a couple laps outside to break them up. I'm so proud of myself!

Red, splotchy arms is my FAVORITE thing to see! Take that cellulite!
So I wanted to post this to say don't get discouraged. You are a work in progress. You make your own choices every single day and you should celebrate every single victory. Work hard. Visualize your goals and charge ahead for them, nothing holding you back. I don't like to limit myself. If I want to snack on something sweet, I should be allowed to do that! One cookie won't hurt you. A dozen could. 

For myself, I stopped craving the bad stuff once I gave it up. I never eat fast food anymore. I never drink soda. However, I have trouble with my sweet tooth. So I try to choose healthier options-popsicles made with real fruit & coconut water. Banana "ice cream." Fruity smoothies. You can overcome your weaknesses too. You should never have to "suffer" through your food! Just try something new!" Read your food ingredients. Look for food that only contains a small amount of ingredients at all. And the more natural & normal they sound, the better! Abs are made in the kitchen." I've heard that, you've heard that. You have to just go for it! Try something new every single day and open up your options. It saved me!

Also, I've learned the key to a good workout is to switch up your diet and switch up your exercise. By eating better, I've seen myself gain SO much energy! I used to never be a morning person and now I sleep well and rise early. And exercising every part of your body is important, and it's not easy. There is NO such thing as a quick fix. It just doesn't work that way. So love your body and give it the TLC it needs. Take care of it like you would a BRAND new beautiful car. Fix what needs to be fixed, but love every detail. 

Change is a good thing! It's just getting past those first few hurdles. I'm definitely not an exercise or health guru. These are just the things that I've learned and that work for me. Find what works for you! Don't be scared! There are hundreds of people who got where you are and gave up. Beat those odds and show off your stuff! I can do it and so can you!

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