Friday, November 22, 2013

our humble home.

Alright. You asked for it. I fiiiiinally put the pictures up!!

Let's start with the bedroom. Now, it's obviously been cleaned since this picture. But. I was too determined to get these up to make it really pretty. James got SUCH a good deal on the furniture. I want to give it a makeover, but he loves it. So. Maybe someday we can compromise? For now, I have to give it to him for getting all of these pieces for so little moolah.

Master bath
Now let's go to the other side of the house. Here is the final guest bathroom that James repainted. Ooooh, right?!

Remember, we're still really new here and we probably won't stay long. So this is just what it looks like for now. But. We're getting pretty good at making temporary homes our own.

Sorry about the clutter. Kind of. I'm so proud of James for organizing it for me at least!

Extra bedroom (this is where all the fun guests like my family will stay!! And it will look better!)
Also, yes. That is my husband's giant plushy fish laying dead on the bed.
Aaaaand the room I was debating to show you. But. Here is where all of our random stuff is.
I'm sorry you have to see that. We just keep the door closed so we can't see this eyesore.
Well! Those are the pictures! The guest bathroom is on one side (right) and that splits the two extra rooms. Then the living room, and that leads to a kind of hall where the "laundry closet" is and that goes into the kitchen. Then the door on the wall of that hall leads into our room (the other side of the house) and the bathroom. Oh! And I will have to upload another post dedicated to the backyard (gorgeous!) and James's little garden! Yep. That's right. My husband is becoming a full-fledged gardener. I'm so proud of him and so excited to fill this house with lots of fun things and even more fun memories. Can't believe how lucky we are to have this opportunity. We sure are blessed.


  1. I would have that "eyesore" organized and put away within mere hours! Wish I was there!!

  2. So you're not using Erin's old bedroom set? Are you gonna set it up for our guest room? :)


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