Thursday, December 4, 2014

'round these parts

Whoa!! Where did the time go?! I've clearly been slacking. So let me just sum up the fun parts of the last two months.

My a-dorable primary kids (that I've adopted) did an AMAZING job on their primary program sooo we had a little party! Cookies, chips, drinks, Rice Krispie treats...we got them nice & sugared up and then sent them on their way home....I'm pretty sure I'm Public Enemy Number One in our ward.

After yeeeears of hearing about Lush products and how awesome they are and how cool they are and how great they feel and blah blah blah, I FINALLY got to see what the hype was about. Technically, the cooler part is that they opened this giGANtic mall in Sarasota, which is really cool. They have almost every store you could ever think of or want in your mall. But. They opened a Lush store. And Lush & I have found each other.*Hallelujah* Seriously, I could spend my entire day there just smelling things. Ahhh. If you don't have one around you, just wait. Someday you'll get your chance too. (Or visit me and I will hook you UP!)

This one is SUPER popular and is called..."Sex Bomb." Must be REALLY good! Haha

Sometimes, Florida really freaks me out. If I had a dime for every bug I have killed here, I could retire right now. And the wildlife is NUTS! Alligators, turtles, giant birds, raccoons, I mean I live in the freakin jungle! And then, the other night, James made me pause everything and we heard something outside. When he looked out the window, he laughed and was like "It's an armadillo. He's stuck in our backyard." I THREW the blanket off our bed and ran over to the window! AN ARMADILLO. Since I was a kid, I thought they were so cool but it was one of those animals you almost forgot was a real life, not-mythical creature. I'd never seen one alive & moving so I was more than thrilled!! Except about the part where he couldn't find his way back out of our yard. Poor little guy. But he was gone in the morning so he figured it out.

Okay, so I don't know about you guys. Maybe this is just me. But I have always wanted to have a "signature dish." Doesn't matter what it was or for what occasion, but something my name is behind that people crave. I've always dreamed of someone being like "Ashley, you're bringing ____ right?! It's my favorite!! It's sooooo good!! This event wouldn't be the same without it! You absolutely have to!" And then I'd win Trophy Wife of the Year, along with several other Chef-type awards. Well this year....I think I did it. And it was with this little beaut!

Okay so the picture doesn't make it look all the great, but do NOT let that fool you. I made this THREE, yes you read that right, THREE times during the Thanksgiving season. Work potluck, and two Thanksgivings. Everyone who tried some had nothing but amazing things to say and although I kept cool as a cucumber on the outside, inside I was squealing like a maniac! It's my Sweet Potato Casserole with a marshmallow and streusel topping. Oh mama. It was good. And I finally feel like I have accomplished MAJOR adult and wife milestones. Haha

And I think that's it! All the way up until Thanksgiving, which will be it's own. I mean, we got to have TWO!! That definitely deserves its own little post. Hope everyone is having a BLAST with all the holiday fun happening! I know we are!

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