Monday, September 8, 2014

promotion? you could say that...

Random post time.

In the LDS church, we are given special duties. These are called "callings," and for the last little while, I have been in the primary working with FUN kids and an even more fun group of adults in a "presidency" as a second counselor. My second calling was to hold activity nights for these sweet little youngins so that they can complete a program called "Faith in God." Every other week, I look at their little book of requirements of things to do to finish them and come up with an activity or lesson (or both!) for each one. My favorite ones are always the ones the deal with developing their talents because we get to do fun stuff like this!

They were decorating church bags to hold their scriptures and any other things they needed at church (like things they got in their classes). I found them at the Target dollar spot and they went CRAZY! I taught them how to use a glue gun (and yes, was right next to them every moment) and gave them all kinds of things to use. They loved it! I can't wait to see the girls carry their creations in with them every Sunday! They did SUCH a great job! (And I have to say, high fives to me for the easiest earning of "Okay, you're our favorite now" EVER! Whoo hoo!)

WELL. Recently, I was released from the Faith in God leader calling and was given another calling...Primary. President. Yeah, I know. WHOA. Second counselor I figured I could handle. I'm pretty okay with following directions. But now, I am the one that will be GIVING those directions! It's intense, but I have to say...I am REALLY excited! I love those kids so much and I can't wait to teach them and learn all about them and help them grow strong in the gospel!

But I am sad because with such a big calling, it means I will probably have to give up leading the girls' activity nights. I'm actually very sad about that. They are SO much fun and I have grown to love and appreciate every single one for exactly who they are. Some of the most touching moments have been when they have confided in me about something going on in their lives-crushes, friend problems, sometimes even bullies and mean girls. Those talks have meant more to me than any other thing I have done in this ward so far. I love them SO much and their little spirits are just amazing.

I had to dedicate at least one post to tell you how amazing each of them are. I hope every member of the church gets to work with the youth at some point in their life, especially at the age. In primary. It's the BEST and you grow so much learning from them. I love you girls! I am SO happy I got to be with you every other Wednesday night this past year. You are all SUCH amazing girls and I am not going ANYWHERE! So I hope you still feel like you can come to me for anything! Gosh. Gettin a little emotional here...Okay we're good. Now let's get a replacement who will KNOCK your socks off!! :)

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