Tuesday, January 14, 2014

green thumb.

Recently, and it feels like from out of nowhere, James became the next Master Gardener.

His green thumb has actually made quite a few tasty additions to our dinners. Well, mostly spices...for now...but let me tell ya, there actually is a huge difference between fresh herbs and packaged herbs. Mmmm! (In fact, he cut some up for our pasta just last night!)

It may have started way before, but I first noticed it after Halloween. I think with all of the talk about everyone else's gardens & the season and seeing how expensive fresh foods are getting, James decided to start a garden all on his own! I got him some gardening tools for Christmas and his parents got him this gardening book that he took everywhere until he finished it. [Side note: James is like a cute little kid. He started randomly stateing plant facts and telling me all these cool ideas he had for his garden & what he wanted to plant. It was adorable to see him so excited!]

*I know zero gardening terms, so I hope the rest of this post doesn't make you wince* He built two planters out of pallets that he got working construction and fixed them up nicely with fresh dirt. Then slowly, he's added more & more pallets & plants, and a few pots that were left at our house. He asked everyone for tips and has been working on it every single day!

Now they look like this...

I can't wait to keep eating all of his delicious results! I am loving seeing him so passionate about this and truly loving taking care of it! Way to go babe!!

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  1. WOW, WOW, WOW! Good for you guys! Now please try to eat all those awesome veggies, and tell James I like RED bell peppers, not green ones! :)


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